Follow up pics/New additions to yard

bluepalmApril 30, 2010

Hi. I have posted a couple of pictures of my post cold-damaged fruit trees as well as some new additions I have recently made to the yard.

Dot mango, 1 month after being pruned back

Sweetheart lychee in bloom (planted 3/2010)

Kohala longan: previously 9' tall: now 3' tall because of cold-damage.

Groff lychee: planted 4/2010

Sri Chompoo: planting this at my mom's house tomorrow:

Mauritius lychee

Bromeliad in bloom

Have a great weekend!


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hmhausman(FL 10B)

Nice! Where did you pick up the Groff lychee?


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my sweetheart is the same size but no blooms. i bet the extra chill hours helped you.

good to see you have a Groff, im monitoring mine in the ground to see if my soil is too calcareous so it will be good to compare.

bromeliaceae and ananas are so beautiful in bloom.

i grow bromelliad "silver vase", and ananas cosmosus that turns magenta, Top has a pic

not sure of the exact variety or if there is one.
it turns golden and is delicious ripe

i also have alot of tissue cultures i will update on soon.

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he mentioned from the Brevard fruit sale. it was from Pine Island like mine.

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ch3rri(z6 PA)

The Bromeliad is so nice. Your trees will grow a lot this summer with the nice weather now. All my trees are outside and I'm leaving all of them out tonight. It's like 78F here now. Tomorrow will be 89F. Good thing I have a shade cloth.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

The cold damage trees are recovering very nicely bluepalm. Very Nice additions especially the lychee trees! Thanks for the pictures! Good luck with them.

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beautiful trees Pug, the Spanish moss in your trees is pretty cool too.


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Ethan, you mistook my severely cold damaged plants for Pugs...
Easy mistake...most of our trees look the same.
: )


P.S. Thanks Pug! Hopefully you'll get a chance to come up here in the next year or two.

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Nice update bluepalm, your lychees look beautiful and hopefully you will be able to harvest some fruits soon. Your Longan seems to be recovering nicely.

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sorry Bluepalm,
my head was not removed from it's protective housing.

fruit trees and Spanish moss still look great,

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Hi Bluepalm,
I am happy that you were able to salvage your beautifull tropical fruits. $35.00 for a longan, that blows my mind!! That's why I was carrying my cogshall mango with my luggage last year when I was in Tampa! (LOL!) This tropical fruit hobby is expensive for us northern growers. Well good luck with your tropical fruits and hopefully you floridians wont have a winter like that for another hundred years!

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