Update on my Brewster Lychee

bananafanApril 5, 2013

My Brewster Lychee was doing well until the wind and rain came yesterday and they had really no mercy on the fruit that were forming. Some of them had even reached two third the length of my thumb nail.

This is the aftermath of the havoc. It's sad to see all the lost. I'm wondering if the fault is all caused by the wind and rain, or is it the fact that some fruit just have to be naturally eliminated to make way for the healthier ones? Fortunately, there are still some intact. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for no more eventful days ahead.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

OMG...I'm SO sorry!! That is SO heartbreaking to see...I sure hope the rest that's on the tree makes it to maturity.

As far as whether wind and rain was the main culprit for the fruits falling...I'm guessing that had a lot to do with it, but I'm sure survival of the fittest plays a major role in there also. I have a LOT of small fruits that have fallen from my mango trees last year. This year I have very little fruit set so the loss is not as significant. I have a second bloom now..but not looking for much with those since its so late in the season :o(

My Mauritius tree has a cardinal bird nest...so I'm trying really hard to not bother her too much, lol...so I haven't checked to see how many of my fruitlets have fallen due to this rain/wind that we had as well...

I belong to another fruit forum...email me (my page) if you want the link...you might want to check it out and join...but you don't have to join to just "lurk"...lots of info about Mango, Lychees and other tropical fruits as well.

Best of luck with what's left...

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Yes, Pug, I do also think it's the wind and the rain that knocked them down. Yesterday I went to look and there was only a couple of fruitlets on the floor after I picked up all of those lost ones. I know .. it's very sad, but what can you do except to wait for those that stayed to turn out well.

I'm glad you have Cardinals nesting in your Mauritius. They're such pretty birds and sing well too. We have lots of them in our yard. A couple of years, we had two nestlings, but they were either knocked down by strong winds or attacked by the other predator birds like the Blue Jays.

Thanks for the fruit forum you've mentioned. I've looked at some now and then, but I didn't bother to sign in. I usually get distracted lol.

Anyway, I thought you might be interested in this pic. of Mama Cardinal nesting on our Grapefruit tree.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Lol...I totally hear you! Lurking is good, you can always do that when you have the time :o)

Thanks for the picture of the mama cardinal nesting...its adorable! I hope the babies make it all the way till they fly on their own, I love cardinals!!

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