Sapodilla Silas Woods

Andrew ScottApril 5, 2010

Has anyone grown this? I saw it in the new Logees catalog. They claim that the tree can hold an abundance of fruit at less than 5 feet. Is this true? How are the fruits? I have never tasted it before and they describe it as brown sugar flavor. Not sure if i would enjoy eating it or not. I really don't have that much more room and I really want another mango and maybe a citrus. Any advice here?


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hmhausman(FL 10B)

I haven't ever grown it or tried it. I heard that it was a dwarf tree with very small but prolifically produced fruits. The size of the fruits is a negative but they are supposed to be good tasting. If you are interested, I can send you some Alano fruit to see if you even like sapodillas. If you like some complexity to your in some tart to balance the sweet, sapodilla may not be your favorite fruit and therefore not worth growing under the space limitation you have.


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ch3rri(z6 PA)

Andrew, You can grow sapodilla in pots and get fruits from them. My trees are doing great. I will post some pictures of my trees later. The sapodilla is very sweet. I like to eat them. You can make shakes too.

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harry is right, i would try the fruit first. theres a reason why they are so easy to grow yet commercially unavailable, they have a simple brown sugar flavor and the texture of a pear.

there beautiful trees though and cold hardy for a tropical but there are much better fruits to put your effort into. do you have a Jaboticaba?

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if you want a more 'diverse' collection, you can go with sap or carambola ect. jaboticaba might require more room and patience to wait for it to fruit. But to me, there really isnt comparing the taste of a good mango or lychee to the rest. Since lychees are fussy bearers, I'd go with the mango. Just my opinion

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I love Sapodilla! I grew up with them in the tropics and that was one of the first trees I planted in my home garden. Some of them require that you have another tree nearby to pollinate. I have an older tree that is big and flowers but does not fruit. I had to buy a Haysa sapodilla graftling to grow near it to promote fruiting. The taste is really pleasant, if you like sweet fruit. It does taste like a sweet juicy pear dipped in brown sugar. I have a lot of different fruits, with all my annonas being first in my heart, followed by mango and then sapodilla.

Best of luck,


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Sapodilla was pretty good, but it must be at peak ripeness. I prefer adding some lime juice on top of it, to give it some zest and balance out the sugar.

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pns_paul(8b NWFL)

Had my first fruit off of the Silas recently...awesome...never tasted anything like it before. Its hard to believe these aren't more widely available. Only problem was that it took over a year for the fruit to mature on the tree. Was wondering what experience everyone else has had in this regard. Is this a known "penalty" for having such wonderful fruit from a dwarf tree? Seems like whenever mother nature gives us something, she takes away something else.

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