Advice for growing raspberries in zone 10?

losfelizdirtApril 13, 2007

anyone? Have just got some Caroline, Anne, Baba, and Autumn Britten on the way. Oh, and some Heritage. Also some blackberries. I have a backyard that gets 6 hours of sun a day and a side area that gets 4 hours, sometime dappled, never heavy shade.

Any thoughts, tips? soil? types?

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gcmastiffs(z10 Florida)

Mysore is the only one I have grown. It is too thorny for my taste, and *not* fun to work with. The fruits usually have tiny insects in them, which puts people off. They do taste great, once rinsed off(G).

They do fine in rich, organic soils-need a fence to tie up the canes. Mine like full sun, like most fruiting plants. It is very difficult to weed them, due to the thorns.

I much prefer thornless Blackberries (Apachee, Triple Crowm and Arapaho).

I'm in zone 10, S. Florida.

Knowing where you are would be helpful. Calfornia? Florida? Mexico?

Where are you getting them, so late in the year? I get my bare-root fruit plants in January/Feb at the latest.

Berries are very rewarding, and I never met one I didn't like to eat!


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im in Cali, LA area. I am getting them late because i moved in to a new place recently. and, i am obssessed with raspberries rather than blackberries, but everyone says it's going to be hard. I'll keep everyone updated. any advice from the wise?

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There was a guy in the california forum with the handle of "futureblues" who also seemed like a berry addict. Search that forum for his name and I bet you get more information than you want.

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I have a similar climate to southern California. I find it difficult to grow raspberries. I have all thornless varieties because I can't bare the thorns. I have found that the early bearing varieties work best for me. The autumn fruiters never fruit, they just can't compete with the sun. I have mine where they are shaded from afternoon sun. Even so, it is an uphill struggle. Of the 2 sites you have I would put half in one side and half in the other and see which site does best. Incidentally, I grow fantastic blueberries. I know I am the only one on this island growing them, maybe in the whole Mediterranean! I have southern highbush varieties and they grow great for me.

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I'm in Long Beach, and my everbearing raspberries are doing great. I bought them at OSH about four years ago, labeled as Bababerries. However, OSH labels NOTHING correctly, so it may or may not be Bababerry. I just assume it's Heritage. You can grow raspberries here, no prob.

If this is for home use, grow the everbearing ones. You'll have a MUCH longer season, and it's easier to care for. None of that primocane/floricane pruning business. Very low-maintenance. Just water and nip the buds occasionally. They like 10-10-10 fertilizer.

As for blackberries, I have had a devil of a time with the Arapaho thornless, and I'm starting to think they are not well-suited for southern Cal for some reason. I ordered some Triple Crown bare roots, which I planted a few weeks ago. I hear they may perform better.

Thorny blackberries are easy to grow here, particularly olalliberry, which is EXTREMELY erect and fast-growing. It is so thorny though that I never bothered to wait for fruit. I'm still trying to eradicate it, heh. Thorny blackberries are really awful to deal with, and they will propagate through runners into the most remote places.

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BTW, if you want a raspberry cutting, I have a couple of plantlets in pots on my porch I'd be willing to give away. I dug them out of my lawn. (Note to all: This is not a general offer.)

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Eggo(z10soCal LBC)

darn it everyone. You got me thinking about trying some raspberry and blueberries now. While I'm still waiting for my miracle berries to do something. I'm not sure if the yard could handle anymore plants.

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Doof I appreciate the offer. How do we get in touch?

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Email me at NOSPAMronunderwood2000NOSPAM at NOSPAMyahooNOSPAM dot NOSPAMcom. Take out the NOSPAM's.

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Rasberries grows wild in humid and dark places in Puerto Rico (zone 10). No child factor and producing fuits all year around without fertilizers. It can be a tropical specie.

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