Dekopon project

esco_socalApril 21, 2011

I just want to start this post to keep track of my two Dekopon seeds' progress. Many of you out there have done the same with seeds from ebay so feel free to share your experience along the way.

Freshly sown on 3/20/11 with outer shells removed -this seems to help with all other seeds on germination time & rate.

Both have been in my "mini-GH" but temp is not controlled and allowed to reach mid to low 50s. And as of today, 4/21/11, this is what they look like.

Here's the bigger of the two...

and the little one

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oh yea, the Citrus forum would have been more fitting but with so much interests, i figured it might ok here :)


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Glad your Dekopon seeds sprouted and are well on your way to enjoying those juicy oranges, without the hefty price tag, I'm still annoyed I got three boxes and not a single seed. lol


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Nice looking plants Tim, my Dekopon's sprouted also and have between two and four sprouts per seed. I hope they really do come true to seed. I have extra seedlings for trade but local pick up only. I figure I only need one or two seedlings. Please keep us updated Tim.

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Does anyone know if the Dekopon will be true to seed?


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mangodog(palm springs 9B)

good news, tim and simon - you guys are our torch bearers on this in so cal and even nationally so stay with it and REPORT occasionally with PICS!!!!!!!!!!

..... and yes, adiel, it was discussed and i believe concluded on Harry's original post I think, that they do come true to seed, but I'm betting with subtle variations like lots of "true to seed" fruits....


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Of all the Dekopon seeds I ordered off ebay and grew, only one is alive but yesterday, I got a 100% bonafide Dekopon seed that is nice and fat. I hope the Dekopon seeds I ordered off ebay are the real deal but if they aren't, I still have this seed to work with.

Tim, any updates on your seedlings? I grew my seedlings outdoors unprotected and that is probably why I only have one left. Since it is warming up, I'm going also plant this Dekopon seed in a pot outdoors.

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Hey Simon,
How are your dekopon plants doing? I collected some Sumo seeds this year and 4 have sprouted. Two are single sprouts and two are doubles. How does one determine which is the desired plant? and how and when should one separate them?

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Hey dwr44,

As for my Dekopon seedling that grew from the seed I ordered off ebay, that seedling was confiscated by the USDA because it came from another country and there is a citrus quarantine.

As for the real deal Dekopon seedling that I grew from an actual seed of a Dekopon, there are 3 sprouts that have popped up and are growing slowly but surely. I was going to try and seperate the plants but I decided to keep them all together. Once they get a little larger, I will T-bud them to my larger citrus in hopes that they will fruit sooner.

I've asked the same question about how to determine which one is the clone and I think the only definitive way to know is to grow them all up to fruiting age and see how the fruit turn out. I've heard that the zygotic seedling is slower to sprout and is usually overpowered by the nucellar seedlings. I would grow out all plants and not try to seperate the seedling.

I believe that grafting or budding onto a mature citrus may decrease the time it takes to fruit. It's probably best to graft or bud onto a strong vigorous branch so that the graft pushes faster.

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mangodog(palm springs 9B)

Simon - on a quick side note, are you the one that asked me about a low chill white peach. If so I got the PERFECT on for you - the Tropic Snow Peach. Harry recommended it to me late last fall and I planted it and discovered it had set a couple fruits hidden by one of the branches - absolutely delicious! Like a sweet juicy nectar...incredible....

anyway, thought I'd throw that back at you....


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Thanks for the info on the white peach Gary! I went to the farmers market here in San Diego and was able to try their Snow Queen and Arctic Star white nectarines and they were both super super super sweet, tasty, and dripping with juice. I will add a Tropic Snow Peach if I can find one here. The Snow Queen and Arctic Star is a must have!

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Thanks for the info Simon. What you say makes sense, and grafting probably is the way to go. Which means I need to get much better at grafting!

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Hey Simon,
How are your seedlings doing? I had mine outside and when the weather cooled a month ago all of them but one died. I brought the last one inside, but it was the smallest of the bunch so I fear I lost the true to type seedlings. Oh well, there's always next year I guess. I hope yours are doing better!

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