Hostess for June FOTESS swap!

sjc48May 14, 2013

Hey Everybody, I was wondering if anyone would like to host our June Friends of the Earth swap? I am really going to be busy and quite honestly, I'm feeling a little swapped out! Jeanne is going to be traveling some, as I am, and I'm also getting lots of company from PA. (they all decided to come in June, AGGGGGH!!)

If no one volunteers, I think we will take a break for June and pick it up again in July. Hope this is okay with everyone. Maybe we all need a break!

Let me know!

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xiangirl zone 4/5 Nebraska(5)

I vote for taking a break. Our babies (plants) are calling to us. You're right...I've got vacation in June, starting to help with a community garden and lead some middle school students and the regular June stuff. I'd be okay with taking a break until July.
Here's my allium!

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Heidi, the Allium is beautiful! And somewhere here on GW, I saw a pic of your new wall with the tulips blooming, it looks great!

It looks like we might be taking a break in June. We'll give it a while longer before I decide. Anyone else want to vote?

First of my four days off, getting lots of gardening done, the weather is just excellent!
Have a great day!

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Let's take a break! Shirley, you need one!! Jeanne, needs one too!

Happy Thursday!


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sandlapper_rose(Zone 8)

Sounds like vacation time it is! After the May Swap wraps up, we'll see everyone for the July Swap.
Enjoy the month of June.

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I vote to take a break also. I am right in the middle of a plant sale with proceeds going to Plant-a-Row - 2nd Harvest and have 3 weeks to go. I have no time for anything.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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Hi all, back from a wonderful trip to Dallas to visit our son and daughter in law. I have never been to Texas and although a nice enough trip, I don't think I could ever find myself living there. I like my own small town. The kids bought a new house and we were able to see it as they closed the day after we arrived. Big and roomy. I also was honored to have my dil ask me to help her do some baby shower registering. Can't believe our children survived their younger years looking at all the things new parents seem to require. LOL I was pretty overwhelmed and Kelly was too. So much to choose from.

A break is a good idea. Shirley, you must be exhausted after all you have done the past few months. Glad the break was suggested. With the weather staying cold for way too long, I am way behind in gardening. I plan to go buy some tomato, cucumbers, and squash plants as it is kind of late to start from seed. Thankfully, my schedule is getting back to normal at work. I am working the first three days of one week, then the last three days of the other resulting in a week off. I like that. :)

Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far, Margo

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Hi Everyone, hope your Memorial Day weekend was good!

Margo, glad you enjoyed your trip, and glad you are back safe!

I too wonder how my three grew up so well and healthy, after all the kool aid, white sugar and orange juice (when they were older) I fed them. And all the baby powder I used on them! Things have really changed, but I'm sure my Mother and Mother in law thought the same about my kids!

As I said, I am kind of swapped out, but I'm not the only FOTESSer who needed a break! Ellie and MIchelle both had two swaps going on also, in the past few months. I'm not sure if they are done yet or not.

And it is VERY cold up here. Raining right now. I have a small photo excursion planned for the end of the week, sure hope it quits raining, at least!

My Columbines are starting to bloom! In addition to the gold, yellow and pink/white ones, this one bloomed for me this year! I think it's really pretty, quite different from the others!

Have a great week!

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