Glenn finally fruiting

mulleniumApril 26, 2011

looks like my Glenn might actually hold fruit this year.. past couple years they've always fallen off when they reach the size of a dime/nickle, and opening them up after they fall off it always looks as if the seed seems to never grow, looking like a tiny black speck.

But I think this year I might actually get to try one or two!

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Good luck with the Glenn,
hopefully it will hold on for you.


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mangodog(palm springs 9B)

Hurray, Mulls!!!!!!!

let's just hope the gods are kind....reminds me of a story - when my large Manila had set it's first 2 fruits about5-6 years ago, they were about the size of walnuts. And I was so damn proud of them I would put my hand around the larger one and palm it for EVERY friend that would come to the house to show it off....well, one day I palmed it one too many times and it fell off on to the ground!!!!!!!

I was crushed, but the other did ripen all the way and so I enjoyed half of heaven in my very first season of mango - denied two by my exuberance and pride!!!!!!!

So...don't try to show it too often as you don't want to learn my creatures apparently really LOVE growing, anonymously focused on the job at hand......

buena suerte, amigo......MD

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Hey Mulls,

It sure looks like you might get some this year. I second that notion of not touching or handling them too much as I too have learned this awful lesson. Good luck my friend.


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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Congrats Mulls, I hope it holds for you...
Good luck...keeping fingers crossed for you!

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Pancrazio(8b - 9a)

Congratulations Mullenium. The fruits look nice.
Do you know, by any chance, how many days it takes from flower to ripe fruit for Glenn, on average?

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congrats Mull

don't finger ..... those puppies I lost all kinds of tropical fruits doing that.

bone chance dude

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Pancrazio, My potted Glenn flowered around the end of Dec early January and ripened around late June early July...this is an appx. time table. I'm sure the inground Glenns are about the same give or take a couple of weeks or so? I've yet to see fruits on my Glenn inground...the freeze keeps nailing the tree :o(

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Pancrazio(8b - 9a)

@ puglvr1: Oh, this is a bad news. I thought Glenn to be the best fitting variety for european/subtropical mediterranian climate, but 6 months for ripening the fruit are just too much. I can only hope for just 6 months with temperature over 60F, and even if i can reach 90-100F i don't know if this will suffice.
Is really hard to find some table on the ripening rate of mangoes, but i guess that this kind of information is uninteresting to most people.
Anyway i see what happened to your mango in last few years, i'm really sorry for you... i'm pretty sure it foretolds what will happen to mine, but we will see.

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dont wanna start a new thread, but is it true glenn is the same "seedling" as haden? If so, what does that mean, they're pretty much identical in taste, size and prone to diseases??

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

I had a very small Haden a couple of years ago...but the freeze killed it. I do have a Glenn in a pot and one planted inground and can only comment on them...but I haven't seen any major fungus or diseases on my 2 glenns except the occasional scale or other types of bugs it gets. I just spray it with neem oil mixed with a little murphy's oil soap and seems to rid of them.

Maybe Harry or other members on here that are more knowledgeable can comment a little more about the two trees similarities.

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Glenn was most likely a seedling of Haden, meaning the original Glenn tree likely grew from a Haden seed. There has been some dispute over this though.....a pedigree analysis in the 90s disputed it and Roscoe Glenn (man it was named after) once claimed it was a Saigon seedling.

I think the evidence is in favor of the haden parentage though. When it was first published in the 1940s, it was reported as a Haden seedling. The USDA did a pedigree analysis in 2005 that indicated Haden was a parent also.

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