Mouse keeps turning off

denisew(z8 TX)August 30, 2007

I've had some problems with my pc mouse lately. It is the optical kind (made by Microsoft) that works with the little red light and it will suddenly turn off when I am in the middle of something. If it doesn't come back on in a few seconds, I have to turn the computer off and reboot. I checked to make sure it is plugged in, so there isn't anything loose in the back, but I thought maybe there is a short in it? I can't figure this out. When it goes out, I get the message that the USB port has been disconnected or something like that. Anyone else have mouse problems like this?

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PKponder TX(7b)

Is the mouse plugged into a USB hub? It's one of those devices that allow multiple USB ports and plugs into a single USB port. If yes, plug directly into one of the computer's USB ports. If that is a no, try plugging into a different USB port. If that doesn't help, just reinstall the drivers and if you've had the mouse for a while, get the newest drivers from Microsoft. If all that fails, try cleaning the lens.

If none of that works, I would suggest a new mouse.


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pjtexgirl(7b DFW)

Smack the cat. It's the cat's fault. (snork!) Ok, that was weak. LOL!PJ

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rick_mcdaniel(Lewisville, TX)

That is a USB problem with an MS update, not too long ago. I found that the only way to avoid it, is to keep power on to the pc, all the time, even when shut down. If you turn all power off, it reverts back to good old stupid DOS, which underlies everything MS, and USB will not work right when you restart. Thank goodness I use Mac at home.

Most all the innovations on computers, come from Apple, and even when MS copies them, they don't work right with the MS OS, half the time.

I was told you can also avoid the problem by using a USB hub, and plugging all your stuff into that, but I haven't tried it myself.

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Denise, it is wireless, right? If so, I apologize for this question but have you checked the battery?

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denisew(z8 TX)

No, it isn't wireless. I kept complaining about this to my husband and when he was around it wouldn't do it. Then tonight he was standing over me when it happened and I said, "See! I told you it turns off and won't turn back on." So, he unplugged it from the back, got another mouse - I think this one is from his work pc and plugged it into the front temporarily until we get a new one this weekend. It would work again when I turned the power off, then turned it back on, but it was really a pain when I would be in the middle of a discussion forum like this one typing away and I couldn't click on "submit." hee-hee! So long story short - gonna get a new mouse.

pj - Yes, I should blame the cat. He does get back there and messes with the cords. That does remind me of one of those stories that circulated around the office about ten years ago when the pc mouse had a roller ball. It had something to do with "How to change the mouse balls - gently turn your mouse over . . . press down and in a circular motion, remove the protective cover. Gently grasp the ball to remove it . . . " or something along those lines. It was hilarious! I wish I still had that story, but that is before e-mail got really popular and things like that were faxed or copied.

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