Indian Banganapalli, Kesar and Alphonso mago trees or scionwood

ashleysf(9 San Jose,CA)April 19, 2010

I adore these 3 Indian mangoes and would love to grow them (protected from frost in containers). I can see that there are a ton of South East Asian mango trees and South American type trees available, but there are hardly any Indian mango cultivars that are either popular or widely sold. My local high end nursery has people who don't know what I am talking about. They only have a "Thomson" mango and a "Edwards" mango. I want Banganapalli, Kesar and Alphonso mango. Why is there no mention of these famed types? Will they not grow in these climates? Are they tied to India's monsoon climates and cannot survive here? Where can I get scionwood for these 3 types - preferably a place like USDA Germplasm network? Any help deeply appreciated.

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Hello ashleysf, there are a few online sources that you can order Alphonso mangoes. PineIsland Nursery carries Alphonso and I believe Jenes Tropicals may have Alphonso as well. I do not know of any sources of the other two you mentioned. I would recommend you do a search for your local chapter of the Rare Fruit Growers Association to find Scionwood. The Kesar Mangoes are great!

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Ashley, i grow Alphonso mango, they are available at Pine Island.

"Edward" and "Glenn" are both Florida cultivars. Indian mangos do not produce well here because of our rainy summers. Alphonso mangos do not produce well here and from what i hear they are not like Indian Alphonsos. maybe one year we will get a good crop.

Alphonso would not be a good tree for a container, it is too vigorous. if you like Indian mangos i would reccomend a Mallika, it is a neelum x Dasheri hybrid that is a dwarf. you pick the fruit green and table ripen for two weeks.
another variety i would try is Carrie, a small to medium tree, its a Florida variety that has a creamy Indian mango flavor.

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hmhausman(FL 10B)


I have an Alphonso tree and could send you scion wood once the blooming cycle is over. However, I would agree Mango Kush's comments about trying to grow it in a container.


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ashleysf(9 San Jose,CA)

Thanks Simon, mango_kush and Harry for your responses.
I was not aware that Alphonso had a vigorous growth habit. And if you pros have trouble getting good crops from it in your fantastic weather, I do not stand much of a chance. I will stick with Mallika, then. In my area, there are a few frosts every year (goes down to 27 degrees at times) and I need to provide protection or grow in pots. I saw some good feedback on this forum for Top T and Nipa Hut and might go with either one of them.

This week I purchased the Thomson (it is supposed to be a seedling of Manila) mango tree at a local nursery and they said that some local people have had success growing it without protection in ground. Apparently there is a cultivar of Indian mango called EdgeCliff (named after the property where it was first grown in California) and they are suitable and hardy to grow. I am on the lookout for those, but do not know what Indian type they resemble.
I am so excited to start afresh growing my favorite tropical fruit again (I had stopped after a frost killed my Lychee tree a few years ago).

Your pictures and posts keep inspiring me all the time!

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ashleysf(9 San Jose,CA)

Correction: the Indian type mango suitable for California is actually "Edgehill" and not "EdgeCliff". It is from Paul Thomson's property and it is said that he obtained it from India.

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this winter we hit freezing temps and our mango trees survived.

neelum is supposed to be cold hardy.

Alampur Baneshan is another condo mango from North India, so i assume its cold hardy.
im growing one but no fruit to comment on its flavor yet, its supposed to have a strong flavor.

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tammysf(9b/10a or sz15/16)

Where did u see the edward. Thatd what i want. I am trying to grow mangoes in marin. I had my glenn out unprotected all winter.

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ashleysf(9 San Jose,CA)

tammy, your blog is another inspiration to me!
give Summerwinds nursery a call and check availability. They had a couple of Edward mango trees in their SJ location almost 10 days ago.

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ashleysf(9 San Jose,CA)

mango_kush, since Neelum is a parent of Mallika, I will skip that one in lieu of Mallika (though, I had a Neelum tree in my backyard when I grew up in India!). But, Alampur Baneshan is something i need to research further and seems like a good mango from what little I have read of it. Thanks again for the help!

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ashley i agree with your decision. Neelum is an old important cultivar like Haden, in that there are many varieties it is a parent of.

another interesting Indian variety you can google is Imam Pasand. i couldnt find one but Harry was able to get some wood to graft.

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Hi All,

I live in southern California.
I have a four foot alphonso-kesar mango tree.
I already had one alphonso-kesar tree and it slowly drien from top trunk to the graft and died. Similar problem is happening with my second tree. i've had it for 2 years now.
Can anyone help save my tree. I tried spraying it with captan. Should I try copper spray or anything else ? Should i build a green house for it ?
Any help regarding this is really appreciated.

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