Criollo mango tree question

dylan3dApril 17, 2013

I live in the Los Angeles area. I just purchased a mango tree, a larger one in a 24" box. I was told it was a 'Criollo.' I cannot find any information on this type of mango tree. Does it go by another name? I did find an association with the turpentine mango and a petacón. The same?

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jalilu(Sunset Zone 23/24)

Hi Dylan,

According to the link below, you mango Criollo is a petacón. I hope it will give you at least a pair of nice petacones :-)


Here is a link that might be useful: Mango Petacón

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I read that as well. Not exactly a wealth of information though. I find it hard to believe it would not have more information listed with all the the other varieties unless it had a more common name here in the US. So far I have that it's also called petacón/paraíso in Mexico and that it's what Haagen Dazs uses for their ice cream.

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"Criollo" is a generic term for any "local" or ""national" variety. for example in the DR we have a Aquacate Criollo, this is not really a cultivar, but just a common seedling, this is not to say that your "Criollo" is not a cultivar variety, but what one country calls is Criollo, may be a completely different variety in another country.

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Thank you. This clears up a lot. There is a lot of conflicting info and pictures and now I know why. When I purchased the tree I was told the mangoes were similar what was available commercially and that it was a producer. My main concern was the quality of fruit i was going to get. I'll try to get more info from the nursery but barring that I don't believe I'll have to wait to long, the tree came covered with flowers and little budding mangoes.

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Cool, that it has little mangoes, you will know soon how good the tree is.

as they say, "the proof's is in the pudding" . One mans favorite may be another mans bane.

Anyway, this is just a guess on my part, there is a variety called "Diplomatico" which is a popular local variety in Mexico and would be considered a "Criollo" too. I heard that variety is pretty good for the back yard grower but not popular for export, because it doesn't meet the requirements needed for export such as holding up to storage and hot water dip.

In the Dominican Republic we have various "criollo" the most popular is a small fruited one called "Banilejo" , which has some minor fiber, but is very sweet. Basically Criollo means "home grown" or any local variety. which we have many.
banilejo, Gota de Oro ( very fibrous early variety ), and a new hybrid called "Mingolo".

Dylan, what other mango varieties do you have?

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This is my first mango tree. I also have a Lamb Hass avocado tree, a black mission fig and a fruit cocktail citrus tree that has lemon, limes and four different types of oranges. I'm considering a banana tree, perhaps the Ice Cream. Very new to this so we'll see how it all goes!

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