SOS to a Tropical Buddy in Atlanta

cattman(z10a FL)September 26, 2008

Tropical fruit lover here, came into a wealth of tropical seeds this summer, have some really tender stuff growing now - durians, rambutans, rollinias, soursops. I currently rent a couple rooms in a house and am planning a move to South Florida for 2009 (assuming there's any credit liquidity left by then!).

I have broken ground on a "little" greenhouse up at my Mom's place 80 miles north of Atlanta, but the post-hurricane gas shortage is squeezing the trips I need to buy supplies and put up the building. And anyway, I can only work up there on weekends, because of my job. Meanwhile, days and nights are steadily getting colder and drier. My plumerias and acacias are shutting down normally and doing fine, but durians in particular won't tolerate anything near freezing, especially in their first year.

If there's anyone in Atlanta who might be willing to lend me a little of their greenhouse space for a few weeks, I'd love to work something out with you. If I can interest you, I've got multiple seedlings of exotics; besides the fruits named above, I've got acacias (farnesiana and saligna), calliandra haematocephala(sp?), bauhinia purpurea, and caesalpinia yucatanensis. I'm not trying to place everything, just the really tender fruit seedlings.

I live in Northeast Atlanta.


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