Dragon Fruit

bfreeman_sunset20(Ca 9b vta co)September 23, 2005

Does anyone know if Dragon Fruit(Hylocereus Undatus) or Pitaya always needs to be pollinated to set fruit? It seems that some varieties do and some are self pollinated. I dont even know if mine is red or white let alone what named variety it is. I planted it recently outdoors. Should it be in shade? I have heard shade and sun... I live on the So. California coast. It stays mild in winter and summer. Thanks for sharing your advice.

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ashok_ncal(CA z9b)


What I have been told is that while a few clones are self-fertile, most require cross-pollination.

But even the self-fertile clones generally require hand-pollination to set fruit. The male and female reproductive structures are not in close proximity, and California lacks the pollinators that would be found in the plant's native range.

I have heard that filtered shade is best for the plants. They are epiphytic jungle cacti, and would receive filtered shade in nature.

However, if you are immediately by the coast (i.e. within a few miles of the beach), I would guess that your plant might grow well even in full sun.

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bihai(zone 9)

I just bought a red one (fruit) at the grocery with an eye to planting the seeds. ANy pointers?

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gcmastiffs(z10 Florida)

Dragon fruits are easy to grow from cuttings. I have not tried growing from seed.

Got to eat one today, white fleshed, dark red exterior with orange/green fins. It was mild flavored with a pleasant texture. I liked the crunchy seeds. The fruit was more enjoyable with fresh Key Lime juice squeezed on it. I would definately eat it again, and found it refreshing. The flavor though is very light and doesn't really taste like anything other than coolness and crunchy seeds. It was *beautiful* to look at.

Bihai, I can send you cuttings of a named Dragon Fruit variety that is self-pollinating if your seeds don't germinate.


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ashok_ncal(CA z9b)


I'm not sure whether the fruit you sampled was store-bought or home-grown, but my understanding is that commercially produced dragonfruit/pitayas are (like most commercial fruit!) picked long before they are really ripe.

By the time the fruit attain full sweetness and flavor, the striking scale/spike-like structures start to wither and deteriorate. And since the amazing appearance of the fruit is their prime selling point, this trade-off is not resolved in favor of flavor.

Having said that, even vine-ripened fruit won't necessarily knock your socks off. They can be pleasantly sweet, with a nice, mild fruit-punch flavor -- as opposed to commercially distributed fruit, which can often taste rather like slightly crunchy gelatinized water. But they are certainly not in the same league as apricots, strawberries, mangos, etc.

White-fleshed fruits have most likely been produced by pure Hylocereus undatus selections. There are red and pink-fleshed forms, and these are probably the issue of hybrids between H. undatus and other Hylocereus species (e.g. H. ocamponis).

The consensus seems to be that these red and pink-fleshed hybrids are often better tasting, with stronger, more complex fruit flavor notes.

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mistiaggie(z9A Tx)

We have several seedlings of dragon fruit at the moment. Hopefully they'll mature.

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bihai(zone 9)

what a sweet offer! I really appreciate it. Let me see if I can get it to go. I haven't peeled it yet. They have never had Dragon Fruit in the grocery store here before. This summer Lowe's had 3 gallon containers of Dragon Fruit cactus, with only ONE STEM (in a 3 gal container? GET OUT!) for $30. I passed. The fruit cost me $3.99, hope the seeds sprout!

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gcmastiffs(z10 Florida)

Ashok, the one I tasted was a grocery store fruit brought to me by another fruit enthusiast. It still had pretty colored "fins" so I suspect it was picked too soon, just as you explained. My own plants are "American Beauty" a red fleshed, self fertile variety. I have not yet let them fruit, since I keep making cuttings. They have very few, very small thorns, so are a pleasure to work with compared to the thorny ones!

Bihai, no problem- I have to cut the cactus vines anyway because the pines I planted them on are dead from storm damage and have to be removed. My plants were expensive, but I feel they were well worth it. I bought cuttings of others at a rare fruit show and I don't like them at all- they are too thorny to do anything with!

I liked eating the fruit using the outside as a bowl. It looked so cool and I saved washing a dish (ha!). The fruits are full of seeds, so please eat some-there will be plenty of seeds to plant.

I liked the fruit, bland as it was, and with the lime juice it was really a treat!

I plan to set up at least 4 DF plants up a pole to grow in the interesting vietnamese style. Gotta get more pines out first.. Sigh..


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Eggo(z10soCal LBC)

I agree with Ashok. The dragonfruit will usually required filtered light or a place where it gets some shade and sun. I'm about 15 miles from the coast and they don't seem to like full sun at all. Usually the stems gets damaged(yellow, sunspots, etc.) if its in direct sun all day.

I only plant self fertile varieties so I'm not too familiar with the ones that need to be hand pollinated. But bees seem to be proficient enough to pollinate the ones that are self fertile. They seem to visit them when it opens near dusk and also when its about to close in the morning. The red flesh varieties seem to be able to be picked at an earlier stage and still be sweet. The white ones usually needs to be really ripe.

Lisa, I just chopped down some large queen palms at my parents home. The trunks will be used as poles. I am setting up a vietnamese style trellis at their place.

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northtexasgirl(z8 FTW)

I bought a Red Dragon Fruit at Central Market and couldn't wait to taste it. Yukk!! It was a big disappointment. I couldn't really taste anything at all. Just watery. I traded for a cutting of the red one earlier this year and it seems to be growing fairly rapidly. Don't know how long it takes them to fruit from cuttings but hopefully when it does, it will be a big improvement over the market bought one.


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Eggo(z10soCal LBC)

That sucks Leona. A ripe dragonfruit aren't that sweet to start off with and bad one is just horrible. The two common Vietnamese or Thai white flesh types can be quite deferent too. The rounder size fruit are usually sweeter compared to the more oval shaped ones. But this is only true for the varieties that comes from that area.

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rootdiggernc(Z-7A NC)

I'm growing some of the species and several of the hybrids. More for the bloom than for the fruit, but I'm looking forward to trying the fruit from the species types. From everything I've read you have to hit them with a 0-10-10 fertilizer early spring to get them to bloom. Any other tips as far as how they should spend the winter. I've read that they should get less light (not a problem) and cooler temps in the winter. I think I'm meeting all their needs except maybe the 0-10-10 they need. I have several that should be mature enough (grown from cuttings) to start blooming. I love the looks of the Vietnamese trellis, but not sure if it's doable in colder climates.

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lthree(So. California)

I'm a few blocks from the beach and grow the white centered variety. It is better tasting than what I have read here. The thing is a MONSTER, though. My husband had to get up on a ladder and cut off the 6 feet of plant that had grown up on our roof! The segments are incredibly fat and healthy & thing produces flowers w/10 inch buds.It's bionic and not because of any care it is given! It's completely covered a 5ft tall x 10 ft wide fence and that's with regular hacking back. I don't water it but once every 2 mos. I have heavy soil and for that plant soil is dry on the top 3" but I suspect it gets it's nutrients down deep. Soil has been conditioned w/ lots of organic stuff a few yrs ago but neglected last few. Only pollinated manually once & there were many more fruits. Blooming now for 3 time this year. Will probably have 50-60 blooms. I am confident they thrive on neglect!

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i just purchased a rooted 4inch cutting of the yellow variety dragon fruit b/c i heard they're fruit is much sweeter, is this true or is this just another gimic. i am also wondering how long it will take to bear fruit. I will be growing this indoors by a window because i live in pennsylvania, i will also be setting up a growing light,is there a specific setup i should use? I heard that the yellow varieties are self fertile and set fruit on their own, this is especially important because it will be grown indoors, is that true. I bought it online and i cannot get any info out of the person i bought it from. This is my first fruit plant that i am trying to grow and any help that you could give to help this experiance be a pleasurable one will be greatly appreciated. Thank You

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Novicefruiter, did you get it off of ebay? If so, yes, they aren't very informational.
I saw an enormous dragon on this fence in full sun in Hollywood area, I guess that means part sun where I live in the California valley, which would probably mean you'd need about a 400watt HID light or a 400 mini sun for about 8 hours.

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I have a few varieties and mine get full sun and are wintered over under 1000 watt HID lights. I got my first blooms last summer, unfortunately none bloomed at the same time and I didn't get any fruit though I did try hand self pollinating. My big mistake was not properly staking the plants while they were young and they are next to impossible for me to move in and out without breaking off large sections of the plants. They are also very easy to start from seed but I have no idea how many years until they reach blooming size. My year old seedlings are only about 4". I don't think the plant is very attractive but the blooms are spectacular and if you are lucky enough to get fruit they are really interesting looking.

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yes i got it from ebay. since i live in Pa. i have to grow it inside and i will have to prune it, will pruning cause it too produce more or less fruit, does any one know anything about the yellow variety and if it is self pollinating and self fruiting, how should i go about hand pollinating if i need to do that.

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bfreeman_sunset20(Ca 9b vta co)

Yes you will have to hand pollinate. Assuming you can get more then one flower at a time in a pot. Self pollinating means it can fertilize itself with ANOTHER of IT'S flowers, oppossed to needing pollen from another dragon fruit variety such as a red, or different variety of yellow.... As far as pruning I would let it grow and see how it works with your setup, I would think it would be hard to grow under a light, they are long sprawling plants, I have one that hasnt flowered yet and its about 7ft tall and 4ft wide up a trellis. Luckily they do well in partial shade outdoors. It will need something good to climb on.

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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

Is it true that hylocerus can be pollinated with other epiphyllum type cactus? Someone told me that but I don't know if its true or not.

Pine Island nursery has quite a selection of dragonfruits~ who know which varieties are easiest to get to fruit, have lots of fruit, and taste good?

Here is a link that might be useful: dragonfruit

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If you continually prune it you'll decrease blooms. Why prune it? If you can stake it properly you should be able to manage moving it without snapping off big sections like I do.

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I have a few questions..First, how is the fruit eaten? LOL. I've never seen let alone eat a Dragon fruit..
Second, I have a Night Blooming Orchid Cactus..it flowers around July, 7-9" long white flowers..It's definatly an Epi.. It flowers but never bore fruits..By any chance, is my plant a Dragon fruit? Thanks, Toni

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Hi Toni,
Not that many big grocers outside Z 9 & 10 carry the fruit and when they do it's very expensive and usually not very good. I find it at the local Asian market and they carry nice fruit with reasonable prices. I slice it in half and scoop the pulp out with a spoon. It's full of tiny black seeds that I just eat. You could also slice and peel it I guess. I don't know how else it's eaten. I don't know if your plant is a DF or not. Mine was about 8' before it finally bloomed. I have pics in my photobucket album. I'll take a look and email them to you so you can compare it to your plant.

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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

The stems are sort of triangular shaped and they are in sections. They grow ariel roots so they can grab things when they grow upwards. Some people make drinks out of them. I found a photo of a dragonfruit nursery and you can make out the stems of them and compare to yours.

Here is a link that might be useful: picture of nursery

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Karyn, thanks, send the pics..though many epi's are similar in appearance...their leaves. I'll have to find one this spring/summer, perhaps try germinating the seeds. When I first saw Dragon fruit, thought it was fruit from a dragon tree, (dracaena draco) but don't know if the DD fruits..
SJN, thanks for the site..Is the bark/trunk part of the plant? or are they separate, used for staking purposes? Toni

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Toni here's the bloom on one of my DF. You can sort of see the shape of the mature plant segments in the first pics and the new growth is almost cylindrical and changes shape as it matures.

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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

The bark in those photos is either poles or tree stumps used for the actual dragonfruit to climb. Some people take a couple of 2x4s and nail them together to make a climbing post. You can also add a lg round BQ grill to the top to form an umbrella of sorts and secure it with those large U shaped nails.
The dragonfruit seem to like to climb to the top and then hang over a little then flower/fruit.
Mine is just an unknown one that I picked up at a nursery which is why I am looking for someone to tell me some good named selections to grow...

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Karyn, thanks for the pics..but I'm still baffled..LOL. It looks like two different foliage shapes..semi-round and epi..Does the semi round somehow??? turn into an epi shaped leaf or did you display two separate plants?
The white flower on yours has some resemblance to my Epi..what's its approximate length? The flowers on mine grow 7"+, bud in July, and open at night..Now that I think about it, most likely they're total different plants. LOL..I believe the one I have is a Night Blooming Orchid Cactus, which is what the lady I got it from called it..
However, as soon as it warms up, I'm going to look for the fruit and sow seeds..The question is, will they germinate and, if so, do they need pollination to fruit?
SJN, your what is unknown? Plant? So you have a Dragon Fruit now? I wouldn't mind checking out prices at a reliable nursery..anyone know where this plant is sold..
By your description, the DT is a vine, right? Where did the epi concept derive? LOL Guess it's best rereading this thread from beginning to end..And checking at www.desert-tropical.com or wiki.
Karyn's flowers sure look like those of an epi, but foliage is confusing. You guys are lucky finding rare plants where you live..We stopped at HD last night and they had NOTHING..nothing worth buying..the same, old plants..Though I ended up picking up 2 small plants, (same, going in one pot) called Cissus Peruvian Grape Ivy..it's not the common GRape Ivy, (cissus) by any means..foliage is succulent-like and glossy..not shaped like grape ivy..Its leaves are round and thick. I have no idea of its care so have to experiment...
Since it's an Exotic Angel plant, think I'll check out their site to see if they have it listed..Thanks guys, Toni

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I got my DF from ebay about a month ago and i noticed recently that it has 2 lobes on top that are growing. at first i thought they were going to be branches or stems but now i think that they are actually flower buds. is this common on a 24' plant? I have a link that looks pretty close to the 1/4' bud on my plant.


i will put some pics on here of mine soon, and then you can give me a more accurate guess. is it likely that my plant is flowering and is it common for plants of this size to flower/fruit.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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my plant is actually 24 inches not 24 feet, the last entry was a typo.

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Hi, I am currently growing outdoors five varietes of heliconias I purchased from Worldwide Tropicals. I wanted to expand to include some more exotic varieties on-line but wanted to check here first before I invest. Which varieties have you grown successfully outdoors in SoCal Zone 10a? Also any on-line sites you would recommend buying from? Thanks for your time and help.

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ibartoo(z8 sc)

I found the dragon fruit very easy from seeds, but it is really hard for me to tell the difference from the dragon fruit cacti and epis. I think the epis are flat and the dragon fruits remimnd me more of milk tree shaped trunk. If I am wrong, somebody please help, because, I have a bunch of these and I can't tell them apart. LOL
thanks, Linda

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Novice, your plant is definately budding. Congrats. Is this the first time its flowered?

Linda, my Dragon fruit, Hylocereus, is young, the tallest leaf is 7".. Leaves change as they mature. The smallest leaves, about 4", grow in thick, then flatten out as they age, they look identical to Epi.
That's the problem with common names, though I am guilty of using common names more than botanical, too, but ID'ing plants is confusing.
Which cactus do you have named Dragon Fruit? LOL, you have me wondering. There's a Dragon Tree, which is actually Dracaena marginata, w/long, thin, sword-like foliage. Another Dragon tree, Dracaena Draco, w/thicker, succulent leaves. See how confusing it gets? LOL. Toni

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over the last few days i noticed a change in the supposed bud.it has since doubled in size and is about 1/2", now i'm thinking it is just another leaf but at least i have definate growth and didn't have to wait months

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Would love to try growing Dragon Fruit from a cutting. Would anyone have one or two to spare? Of course I would pay for postage.



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I am just about to begin growing dragon fruit, but no matter how hard i have looked there are still a few questions I have still not answered. The first and most important is if I can grow dragon fruit in central Louisiana. If not, how hard is it to grow them in a pot indoors. I have heard this produces less fruit, but if it is the only way I will have to. The next thing i can't find out is how do you know if it is self pollinated, and if not how to you make or get a variant that is self pollinating. I am also in the dark as of how to get or make the various variants that Pine Island Nursery produces, i would really like the Psychical Graffiti variant.


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I checked all of the white X red hybrids (pinks) at Pine Island Nursery, and they all appeared to be self fruitful. Halley's Comet looks like a very nice pink Dragon Fruit Cultivar. Keep in mind the only Hylocereus I own are a couple of grafted cacti from Lowe's Garden Center. I cut off the Moon Cactus grafts and left the Hylocereus. The cuts are beginning to callous over, and hopefully new stems will emerge soon.

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Christopher, I recently bought my Dragon Fruit so don't have extra cuttings, but www.accentsforhomeandgarden.com sells them for either 4.99 or 5.99..They come in 4" pots, 5 leaves, about 4-6" tall. Toni

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greenxoxo(So Cal/9)

In case it wasn't mentioned, you can slice and dry Pitaya/dragon fruit. It becomes a tad sweeter and has an interesting texture with seeds. Also a bit of a burnt after flavor. Our local Trader Joe's sells packs of dried Pitaya.

Check out Ed's site:

Pictures of drying method:

Wiki link:

I have 4 Pitaya vines in pots. Originally I read they prefer partial sun and can crack in direct sun. One of the 3 has some cracking but they have all been moved into full (coastal) sun, very wet soil(plain dirt) and thriving!

Pitaya is a nocturnal bloomer, it's natural pollinators are bats and moths so hand pollination is a good idea.

Very easy to propagate. Clip between segments let the cut end dry for a day and stick in dirt.

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steiconi(12a-Big Island, HI)

What a great thread! My neighbor just offered me cuttings of his dragon fruit; he has 10 named varieties. He grows in full sun; we're in Hawaii, about 900 ft elevation, 3 miles or so from the ocean.

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I bought a df cutting off ebay about 2 months ago how do I know if it is taken root.

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Near savannah,Georga(spelling?) they have a place with tons of live bananas and dragon fruit.

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my df now has roots yeppy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..lol

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dragon fruit is easiest to grow maturity and able to bear fruit from cuttings.

I planted a dragon fruit tree from cutting and with in 7-10 months it bears fruit.

Fertilizing the tree enable them to bear many fruits. Mine is purple flesh and taste sweet.

Also I do nothing to polllinate them, just put adequate organic fertilizer every 4 weeks around the base.

normally the white flesh is less sweet than the purple flesh.

Here is a link that might be useful: Landscape and natures

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About two years ago (maybe more) I bought two mature and fruiting dragon fruit plants. I live near the coast of southern California and I didn't know how to care for them, or how they'd react to my area, so I put one in full sun and one in partial sun.
The plant in full sun has grown up a trellis to a height of about 9 feet+ and the one in partial sun has grown up a pygmy palm to just under 4 feet.
Both seem perfectly happy and healthy except for the fact that since I brought them home they have not produced any flowers (and consequently no fruit) at all.
How do I help them to flower?

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I have no idea on how to grow Dragon Fruit but a few months ago i bougth a few stems(leaves)of dragon fruit and plant it in a polybags and beginning of this month the leave(s)start to emerge from the stem.I don`t no what to do next.Please help me to prepare for the material,fertilizer and the correct prosedure to plant this plant.Thank You.

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I don't know if my 2 cents will help but...from my understanding, the D.F. has to be equal to 10 lbs in weight beofe it flowers. Mine was about that range when it flowered but here in Pa, of course it didnt flower until mid fall so it never got to fruit. From what i have been told, this D.F. might be a rare one, the cactus is just like Patya the flower is bright red...which is what makes it rare but I cant believe that I have that kind, so I'm thinking its a Pahyata even tho the stems on cactus do not look to be that...I just don't know.
Also Miracle Grow Tomato plant food is very good for D.F.
I now have a couple large cuttings (aprox. 6-8") that were given to me of White Vietnamese which is self pollanating and would like to find someone that has American Beauty, Cosmic Charlie, Physical Graffiti or Purple Haze that would want to trade? I just planted the cuttings the other day to root it, if anyone is interested, I dont know if you would want to wait until root growth is there since it has traveled through the mail and is still recouperating but am also willing to trade some of the other D.F. (with the red flower)

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Also want to mention that right now I really do not want to do postage for this...maybe later on tho. Sorry.

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Don't spend too much money on this plant. They are super easy to propogate. Back when I was renting an apartment, my neighbor had a huge one and one of the segments fell off the main plant onto the sidewalk. I "liberated" it. I grew it in a pot for a couple of years in next to my window. Then when I got my own place I planted it outside. It grew up my tree about 15 feet. It fruited once, but I couldn't reach the fruit.

Find a neighbor with one and ask them for a cutting. Much like the Plumeria, you just stick a piece in the ground and it grows roots.

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euqruob(Phoenix, AZ)

I bought 2 plants last month after trying to grow from seed, red white and pink, only pink grew and not too well. I now have 3 red plants in pots in full sun, but shaded by hibiscus. I live in Phoenix, so I am going to do all I can to keep these plants happy Jun-Aug when 110 is normal high.

After one month, one plant has put out 2 new lobes that have each grown 1 foot each, and 2 others that are about 5 inches long, the growth is amazing, just put two new 6 ft stakes in to support. One of the other plants was much smaller, but it has grown 3 new lobes, the last one was a new purchase, but I think its a bit different as the number of spines on it is about 4X the other ones. I replanted them all in Home Depot Cactus and Palm grow mix (which is pretty popular here)

Looking forward to a crop in a year or so, I think that growing between the hibiscus will be a good thing, as they provide plenty of shade in the summer and are bare in the winter.

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I live in Pennsylvania and was interested in planting df as a mother son project. He tried one in school last year and has been at me to find a cutting to start his own. Can anyone spare one or suggest where I can find one in an area where you're lucky if you can find the fruit lol. Please help. Thank you.

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I have a couple of cuttings from a physical graffiti dragon fruit (from pine island nursery). Anyone want some ? All I'm asking is a trade or you pay for shipping.

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Hi leahciM007,
Can I take you up on your offer?
you can email me @ steveshold at gmail dot com if you still have some cuttings available.
Thanks in advance,

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hi leahciMoo7 I would be interested in some of those cuttings if you have any left you can email me at carlscheuer@gmail.com thanks carl

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Coming to the thread very late. Anyone have an opinion abou the best and tastiest variety for south Florida? Any of those clippings still available?

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Hi to all the people who is asking about how to grow. It easy but people out their which are farmer don't want to show you. 1st growing dragon from seed is a NO. growing from cutting which buying it from ebay seller is NO!!!! why because they will sell you cutting that so small, that take years and years and years before the plants reach to the top of the pole, then take year again before new plant start to grow, Dragon fruit to fruit when the plant start to over hang.
HOw to grow:
make a pole at about 1.2 to 1.5 meter from the ground and make a square on top of the pole
1st have a cutting from 500m to 1meter or over, the longer the better.
2/ place the flat side of the plants against the pole and tried it, the flat side is where the root will grow
3/ once you've done that top up with garden soil & cow compost.then water it. water it every day but don't over water it as the plant it self is like water from the inside. they love the sun. In winter should water it only 2 or 3 times a week in the morning. only water it in the center where the pole is. should see some growth in it after 1 month or 2
once small plants start to grow, look and see how many small one start to grow.e..g if there's 3 growing cut away the 2 smallest one. keep doing it until they start to grow as over hang, once it start to over hanging, see if there more small one growing, cut away the smallest one leave 2 behind. buy doing this the plant will not over grow and
when just winter is end top in cow compost. a month later you should see little bud( small round very lite in yellow colur) that's the bud of the dragon fruit. once that start any small stem start to grow just cut it. you only leave new stem after the fruit season.
here is the photo of my 2 years old plant

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PS I am sorry if I have same post in this site, I just wanted to help people wanted to grow the plant, it easy, they don't die even if you leave then on the bench for month
here is a photo when the plants start to bud
the plants do need full sun even in the heat, it may turn yellow but it wont die

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PS I am sorry if I have same post in this site, I just wanted to help people wanted to grow the plant, it easy, they don't die even if you leave then on the bench for month
here is a photo when the plants start to bud
the plants do need full sun even in the heat, it may turn yellow but it wont die

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LittleVietGarden , Thanks for the detailed information.. Do you hand pollinate it or it is self fertile and which variety do you have ?

    Bookmark   February 15, 2013 at 9:50AM
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Below is a general guideline and may or may not work in your environment.
Ideal use: Outdoor Patio & Tropical Garden. Containerized 15 - 24' diameter 10' deep pots.
Outdoor Zone 9b - 11 Avoid frost if possible. In very cold zones a containerized Dragon Fruit Cactus can be brought inside for the winter months. Most will survive a very light frost and quickly return to normal in spring.
Height / Length Dragon Fruit Cactus will continue to grow indefinitely if the roots can attach to moist organic matter, burlap works well. However your new Dragon Fruit Cactus may over or under perform, depending on the light, soil and humidity it is exposed to.
Recommended Container Size Most gardeners don't realize that Dragon Fruit Cactus do very well in containers. Container size may vary depending on the growth rate of the plant. Allow enough room for growth generally a 15' to a 24' diameter, 10'+ deep container will do well with a climbing pole.
Remember the looser the roots, the taller and healthier your plant will be. When the plant becomes root bound its growth will slow. At that point it is time for division and/or a larger pot.

Fast growing Dragons come in a variety of bright colors.
Water Dragon Fruit Cactus must be treated like a Tropical Cactus and water when nearly dry but try to keep the climbing pole moist. An automatic dripper at the top of the post works well.
Over watering will kill the plant. Remember the #1 cause of death to plants is over watering. Many decorative containers do not have drain holes at the bottom, so when a plant is regularly watered the roots in the bottom of the pot are subjected to an aquatic environment, with no hope for oxygen and the decay begins. Please keep this in mind when pot shopping.

Field Production Hog Wire Top In Full Bloom Ready For Picking
Light 85-100% Full sun is best. When planting outside expect the plant to go dormant while acclimating to its new environment. Dragon Fruit Cactus enjoy light. Try not to keep your Dragon Fruit Cactus in a shady area.
Soil Well drained, sandy cactus mix. Remember try to stay away from wet, mucky soils.
Fertilize Fertilizer can be detrimental to Dragon Fruit Cactus and too much can kill the plant so fertilize sparingly with low-nitrogen cactus fertilizer, slow time release is best. For in ground planting, broadcast a balanced granular fertilizer once a month. Dragon Fruit Cactus are light feeders, however unfertilized they will tend to grow very slowly and virtually remain dormant. For a rich, full look, feed them every other month but don't over fertilize. If a little is good, a lot is NOT always better.

Growers Stock Burlap Wrapped Tape Until Rooted Water Well
When you receive your new Dragon Fruit Cactus Open your box carefully and water if dry. Please take your time when opening. Most foliage damage occurs when the box is ripped open in the excitement of receiving new plants. Many plants, especially succulents, are very fragile and leaves will snap off easily if not handled cautiously. Remember if segments break off let them callus for a week and pot them in dry soil. Rooting only takes a week or so to start a new plant.
Our growers are shipping live plants intended for generations of enjoyment. If your plant become damaged, with broken or yellow leaves, do not worry this situation is only temporary, with proper care your new plant will bounce right back in a week or two.

White Dragon Yellow Dragon Giant Red NEW Blue
Planting Information - Remove the plant carefully from its pot by laying it on its side and lightly tapping the sides of the container. Gently slide the plant out of the pot. In some cases where the roots have grown through the holes of the container you may need to cut the container off of the plant.
Use a sharp knife or garden shears to make slits down the sides of the root ball. This will encourage accelerated root growth into the new soil. Be sure not to cut too deeply into the main root system. The object is to only score or cut through the secondary or feeder roots.
Plant in ground or in a container using well drained, sandy soil. Your Dragon Fruit Cactus should be planted flush with the soil line. Often we have found mixing a small amount of slow time release fertilizer into the lower level of the soil before planting speeds up the rate of growth. When planting in ground space plants to allow clumps to form and develop properly. If planted too tightly there will not be enough room for root expansion and plants will not reach their full height and fruiting potential.
Dragon Fruit Cactus, known as Pitaya are easy to grow and unique in nature. Highly prized and sought after by those in the food industry for its distinct coloration, kiwi like texture and mild flavor Dragon Fruit Cactus is a fast and easy growing species rewarding the grower with an amazing end result. Properly cared after your new Dragon Fruit Cactus can begin producing fruit in as little as 1-2 years

Here is a link that might be useful: MonsterBlooms.com

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Hi longaeva54, I really don't know the name of which variety I have. but I know I have three type but don't know the name. I only know by looking at the fruit. The best one to eat is white inside with bright purple pink out side. I don't hand pollinate it.

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oh I forgot to post a photo on one of the dragon fruit I have. this variety it color skin is like purple & pink inside is white.. it a lot more sweet then other people said that the Red inside is more sweet. but this variety is a lot more sweet. this here just over 1/2kg each fruit. but i don't get a lot of it in each season there's only 4 that I can see. the other still green. I wont be able to tell untill it change it colour

    Bookmark   February 16, 2013 at 7:29AM
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Hi LittleVietGarden , Well done. a jumbo dragon fruit. I read that white variety are not sweet . Can you find what variety it is?

    Bookmark   February 16, 2013 at 11:57AM
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Hi longae54. I'll try my best to find out what variety it is. I guess some people just red & other like white. AS I'm Vietnamese I find white taste more sweet. the only reason why they are not sweet is because it has been harvest too early. if it was grown at home I wait till it right time. I am creating a video clip to show which to choose if you going to buy it from a store

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Very beautiful, LittleVietGarden! Great job. :)

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I like to grow Dragon Fruit. I live in Phoenix. Where can I learn how to grow and purchase some cuttings? Thanks.

    Bookmark   June 6, 2013 at 8:24PM
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Would love to trade for some cuttings for my new apartment

    Bookmark   July 1, 2013 at 9:11PM
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Hey LittleVietGarden my pitaya is growing great but I have some growth on my cactus which is small and thin. Do I cut it off? I noticed on the pic all your cactus growth is thick and of an equal size, mine is mixed with both equal sized and thin woody stem growth.

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Hey LittleVietGarden my pitaya is growing great but I have some growth on my cactus which is small and thin. Do I cut it off? I noticed on the pic all your cactus growth is thick and of an equal size, mine is mixed with both equal sized and thin woody stem growth.

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Hi DeviGardener. I think it may be just over growing, you can cut off the thin & small one, it like if you have 4 or 5 growth coming out from 1 plant, just cut it and leave 1 or 2 behind, you'll fine if you leave 1 it will keep growing, some of the one there is about 2 meters, From the first time that I plant in the ground, if there's 4 new growth I just cut it and only leave 1 then this will grow to full lenght, it start to have more new growth, I just cut it leave 2 behind, I just keep doing it till it overhang. See the problem is that people just let it grow then it over growing .I wish you good luck at growing the Dragon fruit. here is the link to making the pole and frame for

Here is a link that might be useful: youtube

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anita(z5 UT)

I have a Pitaya grown from a tiny piece of stem. It has taken about a year for one stem to grow to about a foot. It is less than one inch wide. I have it under lights, with bottom heat, in cactus mix. How can I get it to produce more stems? Or do I just have to wait?

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Hello, Im new to dragon fruit planting. Recently my friend gave me a vine to plant. That was 3 weeks ago. However, I notice the vine turning yellow and thin, like there's no more pulp in the plant. I live here in Lakeside, Ca (San diego County). It gets hot outside esp. in the afternoon around 80-85. I put it under direct sunlight just what my friend told me to do so. Do you think I sunburned my plant? I need help.

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To: Abledragon
if it get really hot during the day, you nêed to give it water in the early morning. Dragon fruit love the sun, but they do nêed water, but don't water it during the day if it on a hot hot day, then you will sunburn the baby

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Hi Abledragon,

If the cutting is thin and yellow, you should not put it under direct sunlight of 85 F. It will turn more yellow. It is better with the partial sun. The cutting has not much root after 3 weeks, so it is not good to put it under direct sun.

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I have cuttings from one source on eBay of Red & White DF, both H.u. and of Yellow S.m. from one eBay source and cuttings from a Yellow H.u. from another eBay source.

Also, I have red & white H.u. seeds plus yellow S.m. seeds from an Asian source.

And, I have orange DF seeds from Hawaii which are S.m.

Problem is no one seems to know what they have except it is either red or white flesh or yellow skinned (S.m.) with white flesh or orange skin (S.m.) with red flesh.

So, no fancy names. But with such diversity and cross pollination are there any "true" heirloom specie left? And I have no idea whether the are self or hand pollinated DF. Probably no way to tell huh? Even after they fruit, if they ever do?

I am definitely a newbie with DF and am wondering if I should plant two or more of the same kind in a pot or mix specie? I hate to mix specie in one pot (ie red & white) as I won't know which is which until I open the fruit and I want to know well before that. If you have a red and a white in close proximity and they cross pollinate, will you possibly end up with pink fruit? How do you keep the red ones red and the white ones white if you raise both varieties near each other? And what about mixing the H.u. with the S.m.? Will they cross pollinate and if so, what is the outcome?

Sorry for all the questions, but surely I am not the only one new that has these questions.....

Bob, in central Florida

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I have been growing all types of Dragon Fruit for the last 2 years from seeds and cuttings that I have got from all over Indonesia.I am growing in large concrete pots and have a got local soil which the plants just seem to go crazy in and some have climed right up to the roof on my 2 story home.

I am getting big healthy flowers but as the flowers die and the fruit starts to form they go a yellowy orange colour and fall off before I get any fruit.

This is happening with all varieties of Dragon Fruit and there seems to be a lot of bees around the flowers and I have tried self pollination also.

Can anyone let me know what could be the problem?

    Bookmark   January 5, 2015 at 9:27AM
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