What's the Trick To Getting Barbados Cherry to Set Fruit?

sun_worshiper(FL 9b)April 11, 2011

Like several of you, I have a Barbados cherry that I got from Mickey at Plant-o-gram as a freebie when I purchased another tree. Mine has lots of blossoms, but no fruit set. Anybody know how to get them to set fruit? I haven't tried hand pollinating, but I am wondering if maybe the problem is that they are not getting pollinated. Anybody know what their pollinator is? Any other tricks to know about?

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pj1881(10a PBC Fla.)

I wish I could keep me neighbors 30 foot tree from fruiting, it smells like a dumpster at a produce stand! Maybe it has to do with size, the stuff grows wild here in Palm Beach, I have some at my job that has spread everywhere and its covered with tons of "pumpkins" from green to dark red. What do people do with the fruit?

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pj1881(10a PBC Fla.)

I thought you were talking about the Surinam Cherry, which if you live in FL 9a, you probably have at a neighbors too!

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boson(Delray Beach,Florida)

Hi sun_worshiper,

Not that I am an expert by any means on this subject, but I can just tell you about my experience with fruiting for the first time for various species. When all these species flowered for the very first time for me no fruit was produced: apple, passion flower, Eugenia neonitida, cacao, and strawberry guava. I think I am forgetting some too. So it seems to me that some plants aren't fully developed to grow fruit at the first blooming. Perhaps same for Barbados cherry?



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sun_worshiper(FL 9b)

No problem with overproduction here - I'm in 9b, and they are marginal here. So it will remain as a small potted specimen. Even if it sets heavily, it is just a small bush=)

Thanks for the account of your experience Tomas. This is a new plant, so that could be the case. I got it last summer. It produced flowers last fall, with no fruit, and I thought it was probably because repotting had triggered an out of season bloom. But had hoped that this spring's flowering would set fruits. I'll keep watching it and see what happens. Even if there isn't fruit, the flowers are delicate and smell wonderful.

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