Post Frost Recovery (lots of pictures)

sun_worshiper(FL 9b)April 19, 2011

I'm a bit slow getting pictures posted, but thought I'd post some pictures of the freeze damages my trees took this past winter, and how they are recovering. I put up frost shelters over all my trees except for the bananas.

This little rosigold mango got hit the worst. This is right after the damage occured (under a heated frost shelter mind):

This is at the end of March when I concluded it was a gonner:

I have since replaced it with a new Pickering Mango:

This Angie Mango took the second worst hit:

But it lived, and here it is after pruning:

And here it is today. Not easily visible in the picture, but it is just starting to put out a second flush of growth.

My emperor lychee took some minor foliar damage on leaves that had not hardened off before the cold:

It has recovered and put out a huge number of blossoms. But I want it to settle in a bit more before fruiting, so I culled the fruit.

My atemoya defoliated completely.

It is slow waking up in the spring, but seems completely undamaged. It is also blooming:

The mangos in spots nearer to the walls of my house had a microclimate advantage and did very well. They took no damage at all. Like this cogshall (dwarf brazilian banana behind it):

Both the cogshall and the manilita mango flowered & set fruit (which I culled to allow the trees to grow).

I experimented with the bananas a bit. Stalks that were large and unfruited I wrapped in Christmas lights to keep alive in the hopes of an early spring fruiting. That seemed to be going well for my Veinte Cohol:

It put out a couple new leaves, then started pushing out a bloom in early April.

Unfortunately, it looks like all the torrential rain we had seems to have caused some sort of rot and the blossom is aborting:

Anybody know if it was all the rains that caused the blossom to suddenly rot? Not sure what when wrong.

This is my Ice Cream Banana (closer) and Dwarf Brazilian (farther away).

The hanging bunch formed in October, and I wrapped the bunch itself in a string of xmas lights. Here it is after spring cleanup:

This was very successful and the fruit ripened about a week ago:

The top two hands had some frost damage on the blossom ends that made the texture of the fruit a bit spongy. But the rest of the hands were very tasty. So nice to know that bananas can ripen over the winter here with some minor protection.

All of my citrus did great. This one is a valencia orange tree that I am shaping. Here is before formative pruning:

And here is after:

It is just putting out a vigorous growth flush, so should be fun to watch the new shape fill in.

I'll leave you with a couple long shots of the recovery of my yard:

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it seems the lychee is hardier than a mango !! ,,

and how low did temperatures go down ..

Thanks, Amr

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sun_worshiper(FL 9b)

Hi Amr. I had a low of 23 degrees and multiple nights with 8+ hours of below freezing. Take a look at the link below if you want to see some of the details. You can see what sort of protection setup I used plus details on lows and freeze duration on various days.

Here is a link that might be useful: Winter 2010-2011

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Hi Sun!! Congrats on the very nice recovery! I'm glad that just about everything made it through! If I never see another winter like the last one...It will be too soon! Thanks for the update! Mine are recovering too...the worst one is my Keitt...very slow recovering. I'm waiting for the summer rains and hope it will help it along.

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sun worshiper ,, thx for the link and the info ,,

seems strange hw am afraid of the sun burn and then i see the damage of frost ,, i never got a mango tree to be torched like that ,, but am afraid about my new collection of lychees and longans and starfrut and jackfruit and sapodillas ,,

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sun_worshiper(FL 9b)

Well said Nancy! I saw the Keitt on another thread, I've got my fingers crossed for you that it pulls through.

Amr, neat to learn about the weather in other areas of the world. Does it ever frost there? Or do you just have to worry about too much heat? What part of Egypt are you in?

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Wow SW,
a lovely home and the plants look like they will make a full recovery (or give you more planting holes). Hopefully no more winters like that for you guys, at least til the tree trunks get a little bigger, then they'll just shrug it off.

good luck,

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sun_worshiper(FL 9b)

Thanks Ethan. I'm hoping for a couple mild winters so my trees can size up their trunks!

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