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simon_growApril 25, 2011

Hello everyone, I recently purchased two miracle fruit trees and was wondering if they can take full sunlight. When I do searches on Miracle Fruit, it says they prefer indirect light but I found several posters saying they have theirs in full sun and their plants are doing great! Any advice on growing Miracle Fruit is greatly appreciated, thanks!


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Maybe it depends on their location in the world. My plant in FL seems to get stunted in full sun. The leaves would start yellowing. When I placed it in partial sun behind some taller plants, it started to regain its color and grow. I've only had my plant for few months, but partial sun seems to be its preference at my house. It's still growing incredibly slow.

I believe Pine Island recommends partial sun. This is probably based on their experience with it in S FL.


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Mine likes indirect-Sun and placed at the base of my taller potted Guavas it flushes it's growth more, they're a lot more forgiving though with the humidity, even though I think they grow better in humidity, I didn't overwinter with a bag and it didn't lose a leaf or change it's color any.


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I would go filtered light, with high humidity you might be able to get away with more sun. In PR we saw some 5-6' tall plants that were growing very nicely in filtered light.

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Did u get em from ongs?

I got one there awhile back and am growing it indoors..i use a small zip up thick plastic bag that you get with those fuzzy korean blankets as a ghetto greenhouse and it's growing great, it flowers a ton but hasn't set any fruit yet.. Kind of odd

Humidity is always between 55-75

I leave the bag raised an inch or two to keep air flowing over the soil to prevent mold from the humidity.. Recently repotted in peat, perlite, and a bit of compost.. And maybe some sand...I can't remember lol

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Thanks for the recommendations everyone, I will try giving it filtered light by a window. mullenium, I purchased one small plant from Ong's nursery and after fertilizing it, it is showing new growth.

I also ordered a larger~3ft tall Miracle Fruit from Plantogram(Mickey) and it is also showing new growth with lots of flower buds growing. My larger miracle fruit also looks like it has several small berries growing on it. I planted it in 50% peat moss, 40% perilite and 10% compost. I water mine with Reverse Osmosis water because our hard tap water will slowly but surely increase the pH of the soil. I'm considering adding some vinegar to my tap water and using this instead of the RO water since I'm getting lazy.

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i think my mix is probably the same as yours.. mine is on a windowsil which faces east.. probably gets about 4 hours of sun a day

the one I got from ong's is only about a foot tall but they topped it so it has grown in a little bush instead of growing up vertical.. its kinda cool looking lol

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hmhausman(FL 10B)

I have a good sized specimen tree. It has always been grown out in full sun....although I think the tree does prefer a lightly filtered high light exposure. In recent years, a close by growing grape vine has grown over part of the top of it. Since the grape vine leafs out in the summer when the sun is strongest, I have let it grow. The Miracle Fruit production doesn't seem to be affected by it.

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wow thats a great MF tree hausman! and those grapes look delish!

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Wow Harry, you never cease to make me jealous, LOL! Its very assuring to know that it can take full sun because I want to eventually move most my plants outside. Harry, having another plant grow over your miracle fruit is a great idea. The hibernating grape vine in the winter means your miracle fruit plant gets to take advantage of the warming sunlight in winter and the growing grapevine in the Summer means that it protects your miracle fruit from the damaging Summer rays.

Harry, do you notice any difference in the taste of fruit if you chew on a miracle fruit before eating say a mango or something that is not necessarily sour? I've read it supposedly makes just about any fruit taste better. Someone mentioned that it made a normal white fleshed Dragonfruit taste much better. I'm wondering if it will make those horrible sour store bought strawberries taste like sun ripened homegrown strawberries?

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Great looking tree Harry. Have you ever sold the berries? They seem to still go for insane prices online. I have a little bush that I paid a ton of money for a few years ago when the craze was really going strong but I don't really like the way that the berries make most things taste.

Simon, I have mine in pretty much full sun but it does get partially shaded during some times of the day by larger trees.

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hmhausman(FL 10B)


A friend made a connection with a representative of Melissa's who wanted to buy all of my miracle fruit. They were going to pay me $1 per berry and I was supposed to supply them with 150. I tried to ship them the 150 and they got hung up with the UPS ultimately ruining them. Thus ended my shipping of miracle fruit. They are very, very perishable. They really need over night shipment and even some slight refrigeration.


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That sucks. $1 a berry is a pretty sweet deal though. Too bad it didn't work out.

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do you guys shelter the plant during the winter for zone 10? My miracle fruit plant died after dropping all of its leaves slowly over the winter.

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