Can someone help diagnose Lychee Tree problem

Sanj500September 1, 2014

Hi. I've been trying to grow Lychee tree's now for about a year in Maryland. It's become somewhat of an obsession now - to the point of my installing a fairly large growtent in room with high ceilings. I'm planning on eventually moving my lychee tree there for the winter but for now its outside.
I just bought this from Plantogram about 3 weeks ago. Came with all green leaves and a few new ones, in good condition and with a thick layer of newspaper covering the soil. Kept it inside for 3 days, then took it outside it the full sun on my deck, and watered it over the newspaper (as I was out of town for several days). Anyway, just recently 1.5 weeks ago the leaves started turning brown. I wasn't sure if was too much sun (which I doubted since this tree was grown in FLwhere I'm sure its worse), or wind, or not enough water. The planter is fairly small and I'm planning on moving it to a much larger airpot soon (when it arrives). Can someone help me figure out what's causing the browning? I'm feeding it with kelp fertilizer every once in a while, other times just plain old water. I've been watering every 2-3 days, and just recently took the newspaper out thinking water may not have been getting through it. I would appreciate others insights!

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steiconi(12a-Big Island, HI)

so you moved it from inside to full sun? That sounds like sunburn. You need to move plants gradually into the sun.

I would trim off the dead leaves and move it to a shadier location, edging it out into the sun over the course of a week or so.

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