How to grow rambutan from seeds?

rambutan411September 6, 2006

What are some tips for growing rambutan from seeds? I bought some rambutan from publix. Is there a way to tell which seeds will sprout?

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Any way to tell? Only by planting them.
Rambutan has to be VERY fresh (I mean days rather than weeks old) and washed clean of pulp, as that inhibits germination.
Plant horizontally with the flat side down. This helps it grow straight with good root system. Germination is anything from 1-4 weeks depending on your season and temperature - remember it IS a tropical tree, so consider its natural conditions.Fresh seed can be kept a couple of weeks in moist conditions like spagnum moss , but if it has already dried out, your prospects are pretty poor, sorry.

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I just had mine in water and keep giving them fresh water. Water in the germinating process are always icky. It will sprout within a week. So good luck.

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I've planted fresh seeds on several occasions. About 70% germinate but it's always taken mine several weeks to sprout. I plant them in a high quality potting mix, like Fafard, keep the soil moist and set them on a seed mat to provide bottom heat if I'm starting them inside.

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Has your seeds grown into a plant yet? I've managed to sprout four of them and they're about 2 inch tall now, so I'm really looking forward to learning more about them. If you have some thing to share about your Rambutan, that will be great. Thanks.

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I started mine on July 21. They are now finally poking through the soil.

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I'm trying to grow a rambutan tree... i'm not sure what the steps are to grow one, and what kind of soil to buy is the best. please help me!!!!! i love rambutan! eat them mostly everyday!

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Check this website:

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