How long fo you keep a fan going on your indoor seedlings?

Jay5March 29, 2012

Did my FAQs and searches and could find but a hint.

Any experienced grower information would be valued.

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I run a fan at slow speed for a couple of hours per day. The temp is kept at about 60-65 degrees. The result has been short, stocky plants that transplant nicely to pots. Other years, I have simply run my hands over the plants a few times a day (like the scent) and had results that were not that much different and saved a bit of energy. Would be interested to hear other opinions.

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Thanks for that.

Mine have true leaves and are growing more so I am a bit behind with a fan. For a start I am going to run a fan on them at low from 1pm until 5pm, the warmest part of the day and the time the house temp will likely rise, to help keep them a bit cooler as well as help with their stem strength.

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Once the normal daytime temperatures get up to 60 or 65 my greenhouse wants to get too darn hot. So I open my roof
vent and also the door. I place a large box fan in the doorway and cant it from side to side every few hours. It
runs most all day on a low or medium setting.

I also like to shake my trays and run my hands over the plants. I think it helps with stem strength.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Mine have fans on them 24 hours a day from the time they get transplanted into their cells at the cotyledons stage until ready to go to the garden or to the farmer's market.


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same as dave, 24/7

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I leave the fan on as long as the lights are on. I've only started using a fan in the past year or so for indoor seedlings, but it made sense to me to have both the fan and the lights on the same timer. This works out to be about 16 hours on for both lights and fan.

The results, so far, seem pretty good. Not only are the stems thicker, but they seem a little stockier overall.

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Good information folks. Thanks.

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Bets(z6A S ID)

My fans are on a timer, they run for 15 minutes every 2 1/2 hours, and I keep it running as long as the plants are under the lights.


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I transplant mine up to their necks in the garden so I don't care/bother.


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