Cordyline australis clumping form?

floramakros(Earth CA 9)October 9, 2013

Hi Everyone, I was in a large nursery recently and came across some beautiful cordylines and had to grab a couple (one for me and one for my sis), I was in a hurry so I wasn't able to ask the questions I'm about to ask you, hopefully someone here can help me. They had a new shipment of 'Red Sensation' and 'Red Star' 1 gallon plants all about a foot tall. I've heard people say it's hard to see a difference between them but seeing them side by side it was easy for me. The red stars were a brighter less milky shade. The leaves were also glossy compared to the duller red sensation leaves. But both were beautiful varieties, I would have been happy with either based solely on their stunning leaf coloration, the following is the reason why I chose to purchase the red stars:

The 12 inch tall plant already has 3 pups/offshoots each around an inch tall! Normally I would think this would be the result of some hidden damage or rot to the main plant's crown, but the other red star plant (the only other one there) that I bought also has 2 pups! These aren't branches, they're coming up from all sides of the main plant from under the soil line. None of the red sensations (believe me I checked all 30+ pots!) had any pups though both varieties were equal in size. I snatched up the last two red stars, that's probably the reason why there were only two left. Is it normal for red star or any C. australis variety to form offshoots this early or at all? I'm thrilled by the prospect of a multi-trunked plant let alone a single multi-branched one this beautiful, would love any info on this, thanks.

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I'd guess probably they're from a short cutting which is now below the soil level. Not unusual for them to get multiple new growths, and not unusual for them to get only one.

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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

I have grown two pots of Red Sensation for ten years now. I keep them outdoors year round in my southern climate. They have made several pups over time. Some springs, I divide one and use the pups in other pots, the ground, or as gifts, etc. One pot I am allowing to grow into a multi stemmed plant. It is a very simple job to divide them and I have never had anything but success. I wouldn't say they are the most prolific plant I ever saw, but they do seem to produce pups fairly regularly.

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