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nullzero(9)April 19, 2011

I went to Green Scene in Fullerton, CA this last weekend. I searched around, and found a Lucuma for $10 from the CRFG stand and a 'Sabara' Jaboticaba seedling from another vendor Ben's Subtropicals.


From Apr 16, 2011

'Sabara' Jaboticaba

From Apr 16, 2011

Dwarf Orinoco banana is also showing immature banana fruit

From Apr 16, 2011

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Hey Nullzy,

Sorry I didn't get a chance to see you there, I was running pretty late. Your new stuff looks great, I got a Lucuma as well. Good Find on the Sabara Jaboticaba. I had a seedling that size last year and within a years time, has grown to about a foot.

- Jacob

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Thanks, it took some time, but I came out from the Green Scene with 3 plants for $26. I also got another Peruvian Cactus Apple rooted cutting. Currently, I am worried about the Jakfruit you gave me. My garden got a freak hailstorm 2 weeks ago... shortly after the Jakfruit was re-potted. The storm seemed to have shocked the jakfruit (it has lost all its leaves). Its still alive but just hanging in there, new leaves may push out (I saw some leaf bud sections that seemed to still be green.

Tell me what your interested in (I am going to email you a list of seeds and plants I have to give out). I am not sure on the status of those pomegranate cuttings, I wiggled them today (a few seem to have roots) however there is no emerging leaf set.

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Nice finds there NZ,
I was at the GS, mostly trying to find Rodney since he is the only pic I've seen. I did see Jack and his lovely wife though, so that was nice. Grabbed a few cherimoyas, an atemoya, couple small pepino cuttings, small red tree tomato and a small white wax jambu. The last couple items were in the $3-$4 dollar range so I bought them for fun. Stopping by Mimosa LA on the way home was much more painful. :)

I have an extra jak for you NZ if you want it, might prove to be more cold hardy than even Black Gold?

All my pom cuttings look great, I'm already acclimating them outside, one of the mulberries is looking good the other one I screwed up. "I wiggled them today", you are a brave man, I try not to even look at them funny until I see strong growth.


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I would love to take an extra Jakfruit. The one I got from Jacob is hanging in by a thread (it got hit by a freak hail storm 2 weeks ago when that cold front storm came through).

Let me send you an updated list of things I can trade.

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