Mango Trees Freeze Damage Update(Tons of Pictures)

puglvr1(9b central FL)April 12, 2009

Jsvand asked on another thread..."Any updates on your mangoes Pug? I would think you should be seeing some new growth by now."

Well, its been a little over 2 months since the severe damage was done to all my Mango trees...the worst one was my Glenn, which (of course)happens to be my biggest tree ...(it looked DEAD). I lost 98% of the leaves(all "torched") and several of the branches died also, when I got done trimming, I basically had a stick tree with a few leaves on it,lol. The recovery has been and "is" very slow but it seems to be alive, so far...I still might have about three or four branches that might be dead, there isn't any new growths on them so far? I will wait and see after our summer rains get here and see if I have to prune more off? This is the worst one for sure...

On a brighter note, my Cogshall and Keitt are starting to recover in a much faster rate than the Glenn. I even have a couple of blooms, it came out about 3 weeks ago. Fruits probably won't hold seeing as the tree is still recovering, but we'll see what happens?

Thanks for asking, Jsvand! How are your trees doing?

Here are some before and after pics...

Glenn Mango

Glenn now...

Keitt Mango

Keitt now...

Cogshall Mango

Cogshall now...

Even my Carrie...who wasn't doing well before the freeze is making a comeback...I've had a lot of issues with this one from about the first year I bought it. It is actually suffering from some type of "mango dieback disease"? You can see where I painted the trunk to try and stop the fungus from spreading...not working, also tried lots of different fungicides. I've been nursing it for over three years...but it just won't die! I have been threatening to replace it,but just when I'm about gets new growths, so I will just keep it till it croaks. It is the shortest little tree, I think it shrinks every year, lol...

Carrie...appx. 15"-18" tall Soda can for size reference

My Potted Glenn also Rebloomed a few weeks ago...after all the blooms from Dec. Died. Its been a Crazy winter here in FL...record lows broken from 20 years ago, I guess I should be glad I even have mango trees alive!

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Good to see you may still get a few fruit this year. Can't believe how good your cogshall looks already. All of mine are doing well. Looks like I should get fruit from pretty much all of them. Did your Lychee end up setting any fruit?

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tammysf(9b/10a or sz15/16)

So great to see this update. They look great

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Hey puglvr1, how low was the temperature that damaged your plants and how long did it last? Thats quite severe damage but I'm glad your mangoes are showing signs of life. Did you have any protection on your plants?

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Pug, I'm glad that all your mango trees made it and that they're looking good. It's nice that your growing season is in progress now; we've still got about a month more to wait.

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wow your trees got thumped but look to be recovering nicely, good luck.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Thanks everybody for all the encouraging words!! Really appreciate it!

Jsvand, I'm not getting my hopes up on the Mangoes,I've been let down twice before, lol... I have a (few) smaller than pea size lychee fruits on my Brewster, but I know that size can still easily fall off, so I'm cautiously hopeful. I would love to just try a couple to see how it taste? My Sweetheart never bloomed , could be because it bloomed last year its taking a rest this year? Glad to hear your plants are doing well and will be getting fruits...great job!

Simon, We had two nights in a row of 26°-28°(6-8 hours)one end of Jan. and again first week of Feb. Yes, I had them covered with frost cloth and Christmas lights underneath them. I know now that I screwed up on the Glenn(long story) but basically I closed up the bottom incorrectly...reason why that one was especially damaged, plus it is planted in the most "open" part of my yard(no protection) at all. Location, location!

Thanks Tammy, Citrusnut and Ethan...I am so glad it's recovering, I was really worried that the Glenn especially was a goner!

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phase0001(z10 CA)

pug, glad to see your mango trees come back. I am sure your will do great.

you guys are still lucky in FL, even with a frost like that, mango trees in FL still grows much faster than in California. Just came back from Hawaii, they have Giant mango trees Everywhere. Wonder if they will just fall off or stay rotten unpicked in the summer.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Thanks Phase!

When I lived in Guam many years ago, the trees were very similar to the ones in Hawaii(went for a vacation there also), the trees were HUGE, the fruits would fall off when they ripen, sometimes if your lucky it would fall on a nice soft grassy field and you can still eat them(just slightly bruised). Of course the birds and other animals would help themselves... Most of the time we would climb the trees and use a I miss those days, lol...

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My Manila was frosted back pretty much the same as your Keitt..but this is Northern California after all, so no new growth yet at all. It's just gotten warm enough to remove what's dead from what's alive.
If they didnt taste so darn good,all the waiting and setbacks would have made me give up long ago. 2006 Was a bumper year for me...then 2007's freeze...start all over. Shoot. For you in Florida,amazing how major dieback is easy to comeback from-and flowering to boot!

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Stan, I commend you guys/gals that grow outside your comfort zone, pushing the zone limits! You certainly have it a lot harder than we do. Funny thing is when I lived in Redwood City many years ago( 30 miles south of SF), NEVER would I have ever attempted to grow mango. I just figured it would be a lost cause, now I know better...I've learned a lot from this forum.Good luck!

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Good luck on your Lychees. I hope some hold for you. Mine are not going so well. The last sweetheart fell off yesterday, and I have 3 Hak ip's about the size of a pea hlding on. The only good news is that my emperor is loaded. Too many to count and I think they are pretty much past the fall off stage.

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phase0001(z10 CA)

jsvand5, would be nice if you could share some pics. not sure how many of my sweetheart will hold. good luck on rest of yours.

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Man-Go-Bananas(Zone 9)

puglvr, what did you do to keep your trees warm?

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

M-G-B, I used some poles and wrapped Frost cloths/blankets/sheets/tarps whatever I could find and added a light source underneath them. Something like this....most of them still got severely damaged though. Temps got as low as mid 20's several nights this year also.

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Fantastic job ny friend!

Least to say you have yourself such a beautiful roomy backyard too.

I bet the next time that ridiculously cold strikes your area, you will be better prepared for it, which is a great advantage to your side.

I am so sorry many of your trees got hurt this year, but I can also say that I am thrilled my favorite was able to be protected indoors.

Just wanted to stop by and say hello and good job!


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Man-Go-Bananas(Zone 9)

Thanks pug, you kept your potted Glenn in your garage, right?

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

M-G-B, Yes, I kept my two potted mango(Glenn and Pickering) trees in the garage during the freeze and brought them back outside after the temps warmed back up...luckily I have a dolly...especially for the Glenn!

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sun_worshiper(FL 9b)

Thanks for posting pics! Glad to see your trees recovering! I'm amazed how much growth they have put out already! The Cogshall looks great! My trees have just barely started growing. I'll have to try to post some pictures soon. Looks like you are well on your way to a great growing season!

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Lol...SunWorshiper, this post is almost two years old...those pictures above were taken in 2009...I haven't 'pugged' my Cogshall yet this year. They are still severely damaged about 90%. That was the recovery from almost two years ago...I wish my Cogshall is recovering...but I need to wait till March to do any major trimming..still waiting for the safe time to pug them all. I can't wait till Spring so I can see where I need to trim? Hopefully, they will recover again.

Sorry for the mixup...but Man-go-bananas brought this OLD thread back up,lol...

Hi Mike, nice to see you stop by...

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lol. we didnt even have a winter in 2009.

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sun_worshiper(FL 9b)

LOL - I didn't look at the date! Thanks for clarifying. I'm crossing my fingers for no more cold this year!

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