Some advice on a limitate selection of mangos for potted growing

Pancrazio(8b - 9a)April 7, 2011

Hi everyone. I don't know if someone remembers about me, but i'm trying to grow mangos in central italy. I should be zone 9a according the USDA, even if here our winter are somewhat different from yours, and days in winter are cooler. Anyway.

Because of my climate i choosed the Glenn mango for soil growing. If i manage to let him survive the winter it should be fruiting well, since our very dry summers (i'm in tuscany). Anyway, lately, i was wondering how long it takes from flower to ripe fruit (on average) on this cultivar. This because i can expect first bud to start growing on April (like it is happening now on some Kensington Pride mango i own) and in october i'll see temperatures to drop under the 20C (68F) so i'm wondering if i have time to harvest. I have already found a nursery selling glenn to me.

Of course the glenn growing in ground is the most optimistic result: i'm loking mainly for potted growing. Here inside EU we don't have many climates suitable for mango growing but from an advice given by a member of this board i found that has some choices about varieties. But i don't have any tasting experience... so i need some advice.

They have for sale:










Mun (Nam Doc Mai?)



Tommy Atkins

Valencia Pride


I really really hoped to get that Nam doc mai (seems nice for pot growing and even if fruit don't ripe i can get a use for them) but the name "Mun" confuses me a bit... is the nam doc mai or it isn't? Edward seems nice but in a pot i doubt i'll see any fruit. I have heard that Ataulfo is very sweet, wich i really like. I don't know the others.

Has someone some advice? Thank you very much.

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Mun means crunchy, or eaten green, it's most likely pim saem mun

They do not carry any dwarf varieties. I would probably go with Edward, zill, Valencia pride, ataulfo in that order

Stay away from ford, Tommy Atkins, Tolbert, And Anderson. Not even sure why they still propagate these varieties for nursery trade

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Some listed I've never heard of, you should check the pine island mango site to get a feel of what is best.. I'm thinking zill

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hmhausman(FL 10B)

Anderson....definitely avoid, unless you are into making chutney


Edward.....must have

Extrema....OK, prolific, but not my taste

Ford....large....mediocre mango

Isis.....can't comment


Lippens.....can't comment.....Golden Lippens is worthwhile, but I haven't had Lippens. Probably worthwhile.

Manzanillo......can't comment

Mun (Nam Doc Mai?)....depending on what they are calling Mun...probably not Nam Doc

Osteen....can't comment

Tolbert.....can't comment

Tommy Atkins....prolific, but mediocre mango

Valencia Pride....must have

Zill......must have

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you should look into trying to find a timotayo shipped to you

its the new self proclaimed hardiest of them all

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Pancrazio(8b - 9a)

Hi everyone. Thank you, your help has been unvaluable.

@mango_kush: I agree with you. I can't imagine te reason why some people should want to bring home a tree with fruits splitting on it. I see that it can have some value has parent plant for genetic reasons, but as far as i know there are better cultivars around. The fact that they lack of dwarf varieties is even more strange, since their main market (europe, i guess, at least in europe they don't have importation restrictions...) has almost only people that can grow mangos only as potted plant. But hey! Is their buisness, not mine.
Do you think i'll be able to see, sooner or later a fruit on a potted Edward?

@mullenium: apparently zill seems one of the best choices, given taste, production an flavour, so i think i'll going with it.

@hmhausman: So, apparently Edward, Zill and Valencia Pride.

For everyone. Apparently Mum is Nam Doc Mai. Description for Mun says:
"Available in May 2011 - Nam Doc Mai type mango from Thailand, with exotic long fruit of supreme quality"

Nam Doc Mai can be pruned to fit a pot, right?

For now i'm thinking of Edward Zill and Valencia Pride, plus Nam Doc Mai... Still i don't know if i'll be able to have them to fruit in pot. I guess much is related to the number of days a mango takes from flower to ripe fruit. I'll keep you updated.

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Pancrazio(8b - 9a)

@mullennium: i have read on this board about this Timotayo. I must admit, i'm really interested in it. I seriusly doubt, anyway, that i'll be able to bring it in europe. If mangos were bananas, with a big corm able to withstand some weeks out of the ground, maybe i standed a chance. But import permits, the risk of having the plants blocked in some office at the customs, without forgetting the HUGE shipping cost (i'm not sure if i can thell here how much a package from PIN costs to be sent in europe - but trust me, my jaw dropped when i saw how much it cost - i think it costs so much for the simple reason that they must have - at the FedEx - a strict schedule) have completly discouraged me.
Anyway don't you think that is a pretty funny fact? I wonder why nobody has tried this before, i mean, breeding for frost resistance. Apparently seems a good strategy for a nursery, because it expands its potential market. Some time ago i heard that in india, in cold villages close to the mountains, there are mangos grown in places were apparently they couldn't grow. They are gown there not for fruits but for they leaves and their use on religious ceremonies. They are the result of some kind of selection. The day that someone will start to get some of these plants and start a breeding program for hardiness in mangos we will have some surprises i guess. I don't think anyway it will be anytime soon.

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mangodog(palm springs 9B)

Pancrazio - take lots of pictures of the mango trees after you get them in your hands, ok????

maybe next to a bowl of pasta????

(LOL....just pulling your olive!)

THanks for the being the European pioneer of mango love...please stay in touch and report back.....

and by the way, I'm one of the Timotayo growers here in California, so i'll keep you posted on that one....


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Actually "mun" is Thai word to call any mangos that can eat green and don't have a sour taste. Nam doc Mai is sour when green abut very sweet with good aroma when ripe. Some use that mun after the name of mango like pim sen mun but there are many other virities that is also not sour. For Thai people we don't like to eat "mun" mango when ripe it's more valuable when green.

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Like mangokush, I can't believe they are even selling Anderson and Ford. Torbert is mediocre as well.

Some comments on the ones I've had:

Ataulfo - has a mild, light silky flavor. Small yellow sigmoid fruit. Can't comment on the tree.

Edward - my personal favorite. medium-sized fruit, great balance between the sweet and tart flavors that a mango should have. Fiberless, decent fungus resistance. Unfortunately typically a poor producer.

Keitt - best late-season option. Minimal fiber, very good fungus resistance, sweet slghtly tangy flavor. Fruit can get fairly large and trees are productive

Lippens - a decent if unspectacular mango. Mild flavored, fungus prone.

Osteen - another decent mild flavored mango, but with mid-to-large size and a later season. Nice color with this one and pretty good fungus resistance and production

Tommy Atkins - very productive and colorful but the flavor is lacking and the flesh is fairly fibrous. Don't recommend

Valencia Pride - very good. Large fruit, fiberless, flavor is dominated by sweeetness. Productive. tree can get out of control in size if you don't keep an eye on it.

Zill - very unique flavor for a mango with distinctive pineapple notes and its fiberless. Fairly productive and fungus resistant, and colorful fruit that's usually small to medium in size. Should be a more popular dooryard variety than it is.

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mun is probably pim sane mun which can be eaten green. My wife, who prefers sweet mangoes, goes bonkers over this one. A friend of mine has one that bears quite well. But, it does want to be a large tree.


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Hi everyone. I would like to ask you , mango growers, about compatibility of Mango "Irwin" for pott cultivation.Also if you have any experiences about prolific and fruit taste , please refer.Thanks.


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hmhausman(FL 10B)

While I cannot comment on pot culture, I can tell you that I have an Irwin tree in the ground for about 15 or so years. It is one of the most productive trees that I have both in terms of consistancy and quantity of fruit in relation to tree size. My tree is about 10 feet tall having been severely pruned back after Hurricane Wilma six years ago. I would say that it would be able to be kept pruned and in a size suitable for culture in a large pot. As far as taste, the flavor is excellent, rich and sweet, with no fiber in the flesh and a very attractive exterior when the fruit is fully ripe.


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Thank you for response.After these good references , Im going to buy one.


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