West Indian tropical Avocado pit..

stanofhApril 19, 2010

What do you think? double maybe a California pit? One day-the only bay area W.I. Avocado!...I would guess-lol.

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murahilin(10 fl)

Very nice. I would add some more soil though. Are you going to graft it? They graft best when they are still purplish.

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I dont think so. I want to grow something different. But, I could change my mind.

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I have one of those, well at least I think so. Judging by the size of the pit. I like the flavor of the fruit. I just cut my tree back severely. It got to lanky during the winter. I wanted to ask you about watering. I have so many tropicals that require diffrent conditions. My seed grown avocado is a water hog. I water it a couple times a week at least. My grafted 'Day is a diffrent story. Do they resent there roots being too wet?

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