My new mangoes

bananafanApril 4, 2013

I have just brought home a bunch of tropical fruit trees as I was saddened by the impending demise of my citrus fruit trees :( Anyway, three of these are mangoes. I was excited over the Coconut cream mango and Miracle mango. Never heard of them before that. Does any one of you here have these? If so, how have they faired for you?

Coconut cream mango
Miracle Mango
Pickering Mango

The picture here is the Coconut cream mango. It had a few blooms, but they were knocked off on the way home. I don't expect the remaining bloom to fruit as it's still a small plant. The new leaves though have some black blotches. I don't know what's causing it.

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Picture showing Pickering on the left, Miracle Mango in the middle and Coconut Cream Mango on the right.

I was pleasantly surprised with the size of Pickering. It's supposed to be a dwarf and yet it's the biggest plant among the three. I'm hoping to find a location to plant it soon--probably in the south side of the yard.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Congrats Bananafan!! All three looks greatm nice and healthy ...the only one I have is Pickering.

The only thing I know about Miracle mango is it goes by another name (Choc Anon) you should be able to find a few info on the forum. I've read that Coconut Cream is suppose to be really good although I've never tasted it...

Best of luck with your new trees...

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Thanks, Pug, for the info on Miracle Mango. I heard that Coconut Cream is a regular size mango that grows big like the others. I suspect Miracle Mango is the same thing.

Do you have a pic of your Pickering? How big has it grown? I remember seeing a picture of one mango you posted close to your house. Is that it?

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Hi Banana, Yup, I'm sure that is my Pickering picture that you saw...I took these pictures today. I only have 2 small mangoes on it now (one is way smaller than the picture I posted below) along with some blooms and possibly new growths? Too early to tell if the those that are emerging are going to be blooms or new growths. Its been a crazy winter,lol...

I think you are right about the Miracle mango...supposedly, they 'can' produce 2x a year? But, I haven't heard too many from people that has happened to...but maybe you will be one of them!

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

I planted this tree May considering how young it is I'm very pleased with the way its growing.

Here's the one I hope survives...I'll be happy if I can taste at least one this summer,lol...

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Thanks Pug for sharing the pictures. Wow only one year of planting and you're getting so much growth! Your Pickering sure is a great looking plant--leaves are shiny and healthy and with so many luscious blooms on the top and bottom too. I think you can look forward to having more than one fruit to taste :)

I've been reading on how to tip the mango and there was a nice video on mango pruning that I've watched that will help the plant to be more bushy. I'm sure that was what you have done to your mango. I'm still learning the tricks. Yesterday, I checked through all my mango plants and came across two plants I bought recently that were diseased .. with scales and white spots on the leaves and some with dark patches too.
I cleaned all those with alcohol and sprayed them with Neem oil. Then, I tipped off all branches except those with blooms. I hope to see some new growth soon.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Thanks Banana for the nice comments. I know exactly the Video you are talking about. I have it on my favorites,lol...I've viewed and sent that video to people that want to know how to prune their mango trees. I have "tip pruned" all my mango trees at least once or (twice a year) when were young. Its the best way to grow them short and bushy which I prefer to tall and lanky,lol...

Scales are very common with mango trees...I've had to deal with them from time to time also. I have used what you have and gone as far as scrubbing them off with a toothbrush with soap/alcohol or Neem, etc...Its not so bad when the tree is small...but after they get big I have to use a Sprayer.

Good luck with your trees...

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