Save a LOT of money on plant saucers

ms_minnamouse(7a)October 11, 2007

As many of you know it's time to bring in our tropicals. Well, those of us not as lucky as our friends who live where it's warm enough year round to keep them outside.

Decent sized plant saucers can cost around a dollar each. Everyone you buy takes away money that could have bought you another plant! Or fungus gnat control or indoor sprays, or one of the other pricey things you need when they come into your house.

So I noticed at the grocery store one day plastic plates. Not all of them work, the paper ones don't either, but they sell some that are deeper than some of the others. Deep enough to catch the extra water from when you water your pots.

You'll get like 50 for the price it took to buy two plant saucers.

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That's an excellent suggestion! I believe there are clear plastic plates made and I like the clear look since it's cuts down on the cluttered look. Thanks a lot.

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I use pot liners. They are the thin plastic saucers that are used in the floral business. I have no idea what they cost but it's not much and they come in all sizes.

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