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woohoomanApril 22, 2014

Just got a Kona Sharwil Avocado tree.

I've read that they like it around a ph of around 6 and I'm pretty sure I'm up there around 7 or more, so I'm going to get it tested professionally.

From the pic I drew with my fine artistic skills in MSPaint, here's a cross section of the plot. The DG and Clay is native and the top fill is 40 year old top fill that been amended many times off and on over those 40 years. Where should I take the samples from since the tree will be growing about half and half in the native and the fill? How deep should I take from? Should I take a bit of the native and a bit of the fill and mix together equally half by volume or weight prior to sending off for testing?



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Most of the feeder roots will be in the top of the soil, so if it's mainly for that plant you're doing it then that's the place to take the sample from. Years back I did a soil test, advice was to take soil from about a dozen places, mix it thoroughly, and then take the sample out of that. It was a large area, hence so many different collection spots. It made me wonder about how accurate the test could be. The best method is to get a leaf test. That shows you what the plant is able to access.

If it's purely a pH test you need, remember you should probably test the water you give the plant as well.

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Thanks tropicalbreezent.

Well, the guy I talked to yesterday said 18" since it was a 15 gallon. Have no idea why that would make a difference.

Yeah. It's pretty much just a main concern for this tree. I know from the home kits, it's up there. and my muni water is at 8.1 according to the district guy I talked to.

If it was just for normal veggies, it wouldn't concern me so much. Most veggies like slightly acidic also, but not down to 6 like the avocado, from what I've read. Not to mention, I would just hate to make the investment in the tree(money and time) and 5 years later, it's suffering and crap harvests.


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