finally, some baby mangos in my Edward

jfernandez(10B)April 4, 2011

Glenn flowers drying up baby mangos in a week

Lacentilla same story, this one started blooming at the sametime as my Edward

Keitt getting closer

Haden, nada yet

Mallika, going at about the same pace as last year havert my TWO mangos in late Oct.

Manila, my late bloomer should catch up with the rest of them real soon.

Carrie,is doing well and my two sunburned victims from last year (Thompson and Alfonso) have real nice new growth.

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mangodog(palm springs 9B)

Joe - let me be the FIRST to congratulate you your first offspring of the season! Fast Eddie is the fastest one it looks like.....

intererestingly - my manila is WAY ahead of yours blooming, my keitt and glenn are at about the same place, my pickering has been carrying flowers so long, but i think I see a couple tinsy winsy ones....

I'll post something in another week when I'm sure of the delivery date!

Congrats, bro....I mean Daddio!!!!!!!


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Thanks Gary

Boy,it's rough out here in Socal! You can see why we harvest our mangos in Oct. Nov.

MangoDog, you are going to be on warp mode from now on and pass everyone LOL


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desimango(San Jose 9)

Wow, your trees look so healthy, you've done a great job taking care of them. We can share in your excitement.

Congrats and thanks for sharing.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Nice pictures JF!! Congrats on all your blooms and baby mangoes...with each sunny warm/hot day the faster the blooms and fruits will develop. Good luck! Thanks for the great pictures and update.

We've had almost 4" of rain in the last 8 days and we're expected to get more today...I'm a little worried that the mangoes will be "watered" down due to this unusually wet Spring we've had so far. We're normally very dry this time of year...Summer is our rainy season. Since the mangoes are still quite small(pea and grape size) maybe it will be okay...

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zands(10b Fl)

Your baby mangoes ---
Just more proof that mango trees provide excitement and thrills at least half the year

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Thanks Nancy, Desi and Zands

it's a beautiful thing to see your trees bear fruits after all that hard work...the joy of the fruits of your labor lol
MangoDog, I hope your Champange mangos make it to next wednesday. they were semi-green yesterday look at them now, I might have to eat them all!

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jfernandez, I believe you have the healthiest looking mango trees in California. did you stop watering during winter? What do you fertilize with? I can only hope my trees will look half as healthy as yours.

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Nice looking trees. You guys in CA make me jealous with your blemish free trees. Down here in FL most of mine are always covered with powdery mold that seems impossible to get rid of.

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Very nice Joe,
congrats on all the blooms and micro mangoes. It will be interesting to see over the years if Edward turns out to be a shy bearer or not in CA.


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First of all excellent looking mangos thanks for sharing them with us.

Im also in Southern California, and was wondering if you (or anyone else) knew a nursery or somewhere I could buy a Glenn mango tree in the Orange County, Los Angeles, or Riverside area. I'm located in Anaheim so Orange County would be the best but I've been looking around and can't seem to find anywhere that sells them so I'm willing to drive fairly far to get my hands on one.

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Thanks for the complements,

Simon -

I stopped watering at the end of November just started again last week. Last year I used Grow More 10-52-10 fertilizer, recommend by Quan of Ong's Nursery, every three weeks. This year, I'm going with alaska fish emulsion every 4-5 week. I also mix my eucalyptus mulch with chicken manure another recommendation from a CRFG old timer.


You can buy a Glenn from your local Armstrong Nursery in the summer, they'll order one for you from Laverne, or you can pick one up in Mimosa Nursery in East Los Angeles.

jsvand5 -
and here in CA we are jealous of all the tropical stuff you guys are able to grow.


Yes, that's an interesting comparison but I'm afraid I'm going to have to wait a few years to see any meaningful Edward is only 5' tall.

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It just stop raining and I went out to check out the mangos and found little mangos in my Lancetilla.

1. and 2. Lancetilla
3. and 4. Alfonso and Thompson pushing new growth on the comeback trail.
5.My Ataulfo beat up because of the supid cat next door, it fall on top of it. I told my neighbors if I catch him again #$@$##@$
6. Elberta Peach, mmmmm yummy.
7.Saijo persimmon growing by the minute...can wait till it fruits. anyone try this variety in California?

The last three double rainbow.

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