Nycthanthes arbor-tristis

latha_gardenwebOctober 6, 2009

I grew this plant from seeds in a pot. When the plant was abt 15 inches tall, I transplanted this to the ground. This was abt 10 days back. I notice that the leaves are drying up and brown. Does anyone know why this happens? Any advice on this regard in appreciated.

I live in Los Angeles, CA.

thanks !!

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Did the watering and lighting regimen change upon planting it?

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Latha, it is probably a transplantation shock. Don't overwater, they shd recover. Almost a month now, did the plant make it. Mine went dead( looked like it) after Hurricane Wilma. It sat there with brown canes for 6 months, and then decide to grow like crazy. It is in the ground now over 20 feet tall and blooming it's head off!

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20 Feet! Geez, I just put one in the ground that was about 4' tall. I guess I will have to move it as I was treating it like a small shrub. I never knew they got so big. Thanks for the info on that!

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