Apparently Phyto Certificates aren't good enough anymore...

bihai(zone 9)October 8, 2008

I recently purchased 2 gingers from a seller in Puerto Rico who I have dealt with before. Owns a licensed inspected nursery there, sends Phytos with all his stuff.

My package was shipped from PR last Friday.

When it got to the mainland, the USDA decided to hold it and open it "for inspection" in spite of the fact that the Phyto Cert was clearly present and accessible on the box.

Not only was my shipment delayed by 1-2 days, they did a poor job of repacking the box. Fortunately nothing was damaged.

Just a word of caution. Big Brother IS watching! This is the first time this has ever happened to me with a shipment.

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Phyto certs have never meant that customs won't inspect a shipment. My DH is in the wholesale floral business and most of his inventory goes through customs. Everything he imports has proper documentation but customs arbitrarily checks shipments. I have no idea what they are doing though, probably checking for drugs. They regularly receive boxes containing lizards, frogs and sometimes insects. All the wholesale flower companies do. Isn't that what customs is supposed to be checking for????

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