What sport would you like to add or

tobr24u(z6 RI)August 7, 2012

subtract from the Olympics. I question whether ping pong and dressage, etc. are Olympic sports, but I would like to see women's roller derby added. How about you?

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I would take away water-polo and badminton (badminton, for chrissakes!) for sure. Really I don't feel like the ball sports generally have a proper place in the Olympics.

I think we can enjoy women's roller derby through other venues, aye?

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kwoods(Cold z7 Long Is)

Men's Field Hockey... out.

Quarters..... in.

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"I would take away water-polo"

Water polo is rough business.

I would take away trampoline and rhythmic gymnastics (yeah, it is a sport). I would add a nice bar game like darts or shuffleboard.

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david52 Zone 6

This thread made it all the way to four posts w/o mentioning synchronized swimming? With all that hideous, waterproof makeup leaving a toxic slick on the water surface?

Competitive badminton is something different than the normal USA backyard BBQ version. Gets pretty brutal. Very popular in SE Asia.

My oldest DD played water polo in college - It takes a whole lot of stamina and strength. I don't even know how they pick the Olympic teams.

Fencing could go. I watched the gold medal match which lasted about 3 seconds.

And personally, I really dislike beach volleyball. Regular volleyball, fine. But the beach version is just an excuse to hawk sunglasses and swim wear.

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Bring back Tug of War! It used to be one, believe it or not.

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How about taking the "professional athletes" out?

ducking and running :)

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They wisely dropped croquet and power boating.

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kwoods(Cold z7 Long Is)

Bass Fishing will be in eventually...
Probably poker as well....
Some form of NASCAR like racing...

Thumb Wrestling....
Extreme Accounting...
Competitive Bee Keeping...
Mud Karaoke...

Be nice if they brought back real boxing instead of whatever it is they do now...

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If the Winter Olympics have snowboarding, shouldn't skateboarding have a place in the Summer?

I think NASCAR would be too much like the long gone Power Boating - only with more speed.

For obvious reasons, the Live Pigeon Shoot first appeared and disappeared in the 1900 Olympics. Nearly 300 birds in the race for gold were sacrificed for this.

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I think debating to the death would make a great spectacle. You start with the usual verbal battle and if no resolution is arrived at you move on to a contest of choice and if the same result ensues there, then you move on again until eventually you get a definitive result. Certain rules should apply and men and women would compete in different sections, obviously.

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I dunno... I quit watching Olympic sports long ago. I like full contact combat sports, like judo, boxing, mixed martial arts, Jiu Jitsu... and none of that lame boxing for points system. You win by KO, TKO, or submission!

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I like rock climbing but choosing or building the course would be a bear for the host city.
Racquetball is another favorite, but spectators could only watch it on TV and the play is so quick that I doubt it would become a favorite.

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