Dracaena Goldieana

birdsnbloomsOctober 21, 2010

I just received a Dracaena 'Goldiana' from Malaysia.

Any help on this plant will be appreciated.

The seller suggests planting in pebbles and Peat. Does anyone have or know about this Draceana, and if so, can you please advise which soil or soil-less mediums work best? Would pebbles and peat work?

I live in z5, Il, where winters are dry. Although most Draceanas need some humidity, I'm assuming Goldieana needs much more. Any suggestions?

The Dracanea's trunk is about 11" tall. Would wrapping in plastic, keeping opened on top work?

One last question. What about fertilizer? I normally don't fertilize in winter, but if a soil-less mix is used, should it get a little?

If so, what NPK? Thanks so much, Toni

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I acquired a goldieana 40 some years ago but lost in during Air Force moves and have been searching high & low for it ever since. Would you please tell me where you got yours it would be most appreciated.
Moist and humidity seemed to be the clue. I used orchid fertilizer as I recall.

I would be most grateful for any leads that would get me closer to having another

Wayne Reynolds

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Hi Wayne. Now I know where we met!! lol

My poor D. goldieana passed away 1.5-2 years after purchase. During summer.

They're the prettiest Dracaenas, rare but very difficult locating. Hard to keep..well, it was for me. I'd love to see a picture of your 40-yr-old goldieana.

I got mine from an Ebay seller located in Malaysia. I'd have to check feedback to find sellers name.

In the meantime go to Ebay, type Dracaena goldieana in the search box, click on Home & Garden, then enter to see if any are available.

Or, email Thailand/Malaysia/China sellers even if they don't have 'X' plant listed. I've done this myself, 99% of the time they had the plant I wanted.

Happy hearing from you, Toni

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ifraser25(z11 Brazil)

First problem - your Dracaena is not hardy in Zone 5,no matter what protection you give it out of doors, so your best bet is to grow it in a pot and find a frost-free location for it in the winter (now!). They are not fussy about soil, the usual thing - moisture retentive but free-draining!

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Ifraser. I have over 300 tropical and succulent plants. Half-a-dozen or so Dracaenas..NONE are hardy in zone 5. They're grown indoors during winter months, and outside from spring until fall.

Of course Dracaenas are not hardy to my zone. I don't understand your point. Toni

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Wayne: if you are still looking for this plant, I found a listing for it on the below website. I have not ordered from the site myself though so I am not sure what reputation this company has.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dracaena goldiana

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