Travesia palmata?

mark4321_gwOctober 25, 2012


I just bought a Travesia palmata--the "snowflake tree". I know very little about this plant, and I'm curious if anyone has experience growing it.

I saw the plant locally first at the Dry Garden in Oakland, for $15 a couple weeks ago. I just found it on this side of the bay for $13.98 and decided I "needed" it. I bought it at Golden Nursery in San Mateo, CA. In both cases, the plants came from the wholesaler San Marcos Growers, in 1 gallon pots.

Here's my plant. I think it maybe got a little too much sun at the nursery. It does not appear burnt or damaged.

According to San Marcos Growers description (link at bottom) they sell both seedlings of the species and rooted cuttings of the selection 'Micholitzii'. I assume this is a seedling. One can see how each successive leaf becomes more and more finely divided. In an older plant the leaves should be spectacular.

The plant has small thorns/spines (I'm not sure I know the distinction).

Since I was taking pictures of a different plant, Cussonia transvaalensis, I decided to take one of them together. Cussonia also has snowflake-like leaves. Both are from the family Araliaceae, so the similarity is not accidental.

I bought the Cussonia this summer at Annie's Annuals in Richmond for $5.50.

Trevesia palmata on the left, Cussonia transvaalensis on the right.

San Marcos Growers seems to disagree with itself on its webpage, and on the label on the plant, whether it is a low moisture, medium moisture, or high moisture plant. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

The plant appears to come from reasonably low elevation in Vietnam, so I'm a little surprised that it can grow outside in the Bay Area. Here are those data:

Here is a link that might be useful: Trevesia palmata at San Marcos Growers

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

I'm always on the lookout for the Trevesia but have been unable to locate them in florida. They were selling some at the Fairchild sale several years ago which were variagated ,white borders on the leaves and I passed opting to buy some orchids lol. i only know two people who tried them and they both croaked lol.
Don't these also grow up into the mountains?? Should be able to tolerate cool?? Anyway good luck, Let us know how it goes??? gary

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Hi Gary,

Glasshouse Works is maybe also selling the plant, the Micholitzii clone. They say in one place they are $40 and not available. They say in a second place that they are $10 and available. Here's the link; I'll repeat it at the bottom:

(I take it this link will change from month to month, so if they are not there in the future, that's why)

Are the ones with the white borders on the leaves a different Trevesia species? I thought I saw something to that effect.

The list of specimens in Tropicos gives elevations ranging from 120-1100 m. Is that in the mountains? Maybe extending into modest elevations, or something? Still, that elevation in the tropics would still be considered lowland tropical, I think. Or close to it. Isn't 1000 m a typical cutoff?

I have seen reports that the plants can handle cool frost-free (or nearly frost-free) climate.

Here is a link that might be useful: Travesia palmata at Glasshouse Works--listed twice

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I just noticed I go back and forth misspelling the plant. It is Trevesia, not Travesia.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Thanks for that link Will check them out. I think the white edged ones were a cultivar They were spectacular lol. Note they are native to Yunnan which is the tropical part of China but I believe there are a lot of mountains there?? >I'm right in the middle of changing my landscape around and winter is coming so might wait until spring .
Thanks again gary

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Hi Gary,

In an old post, you identified the white edged plant as Trevesia burckii. Is this incorrect?

Here is a link that might be useful: Old post which includes mention of Trevesia

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

As I recall Burckii was the name they gave me at the sale. I think it was a subspecies of palmata They list Burkii on that nursery that were not allowed to mention (T. T.'s) lol Don't think the white edges had anything to do with it ,being a hybrid cultivar. Would assume "Micholizii " is also?? gary

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10 years or so ago I ordered seeds of Travesia Palmata Micholitizoi from The Banana Tree. It grew so large I gave it to a friend who was looking for unusual plans for her large windows in a new home. The spelling was 'Travesia'; however last year or so I ordered another plant from Logee's and their spelling is 'Trevesia', I'm not sure which spelling is correct The growing conditions on the seed packet from The Banana Tree suggest a good East or West light, with warmth and humidity, needs lots of water but also good drainage. Seeds are not listed in their current listing, by the way.` I don't think it is fussy about humidity or warmth, I gave my original plant away because it got so large but I have more room how to grow things. Logee's hasn't offered it lately.

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They grow easy in the bay area. Mine is shown flowering on Dave's Garden of bay area tropics. Its now deceased as critters ate the bark girdling it. I might try again as they don't take up much space and do get tall..but not too tall.

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