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tab3March 24, 2012

Last summer, I saved seeds from all the tomatoes I liked that I bought at the farmer's market. One of the varieties was a "sun gold". I don't know what type. I just looked online and saw that most sun golds are the sun gold F1 hybrid. What is the likelihood that the sun golds I am growing will be any good?

I am growing 6 different tomato varieties from seed (sun gold, cherry chocolate, honeydrop, brandywine, cherokee purple, and virginia sweets). I will keep about 8 plants. Should I dump the sun golds?

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Also, I am in Northern Virginia, if that makes any differnce.

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

There are four OP Sungolds, two released by Reinhard Kraft in Germany and two that were sent directly to Manfred Hahm, who sells seeds of Reinhard's website.

But if what you bought was Sungold F1 and you saved F2 seeds from it you'll probably get some orange ones and more probable some red ones since one of the parents was used to breed in the long truss type that Sungold F1 has and that parental input is a a small red fruited accession.

But you'll never know what you get until you sow those seeds and put out a few plants to see what you get. Ah, almost forgot but the scent of the foliage appears to be genetically linked to the taste of Sungold F1, so you may, or may not, get any plants that have that distinctive foliage.


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Right, I have read a bunch of the threads on the F2 generation. What do you think the odds are that the sun golds at the farmer's market were open pollinated and not the F1? It might be more worth my time to grow 2 each of the other 2 cherry varieties I have, instead of taking my chances with the sun golds.

But you say the foliage has a distinctive smell? I will investigate that. I will say that the seedlings are super vigorous. They grew really fast compared to the other varieties that I have. And the cherry chocolate ones (also harvested from the farmer's market) are growing really slow.

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I had some come up wild from the previous year and they were terrible. The originals were great but the F2s had a bad taste.

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

Odds on it being the F1 Sungold? No can do. The cost of any F1 hybrid seed is higher than the OP's but I don't know where you live your page just says US, so I can't even give you odds on whether you've got the F1 or an OP. Some market gardeners might use an OP. but I guess I'd say the odds are it's the F1, when pushed. LOL

Many folks detect a special scent to the foliage, I don't.

That last one you mentioned was named Chocolate Cherry by Aaron Whaley who bred it, so the name you have is backwards.

Many folks have grown Chocolate Cherry, Brown Berry ( bred in the Netherlands) and Black Cherry ( bred by Vince Sapp, now deceased, the husband of Linda Sapp who owns TGS in Fort Myers, FL. And do that to see which one they like the best, and I'd add Kazachka, also a black cherry to that group.


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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

If it was like most of the markets around here what you bought was the F1. None of the local growers in this neck of the woods use the OP varieties. If you tell us where you are others in that area might know.

But otherwise the only odds anyone can give is based on Mendelian Genetics - 1 in 4. If you have the room and the time give your seeds a try.


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Thanks for the info everyone. Until I plant, I will check the farmer's market each week to see if the vendor is there, and then I can just ask. Otherwise, I think I will dump the "sun gold" seedlings I have. I don't have that much space so I would rather grow something more certain.

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