Lowe's Jungle Growth Mix or your own recipe?

sputnikfarmOctober 16, 2006

I have heard people rave about this product but I haven't seen it at my local. What is the mix made of? Or maybe you have a nice recipe for a mix you would like to share? I am re-doing some beds and was going to ammend with some composted peat, worm castings and a touch of orchid mix to add some organics to sandy clay, but jungle mix sounds better, especially if you want a jungle to grow!

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I've heard it was great, ive never used it... Ive been using Miracle Grow Mix Soil with very very good results.

Good Luck !!


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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Would think it rather expensive as a soil ammendment.
Depending on what you want to grow you could just add peat,topsoil or pine barks much cheaper.
Most tropicals aren't very particular about soil.

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I use a mix of bark, peat, mushroom compost and lihgtweight builders sand

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gcmastiffs(z10 Florida)

The "Jungle Mix" sold here at Lowes is a potting soil. maybe they have a garden mix as well? I've used the potting soil, and it is not any better than any other comparably priced mix. I add pine bark and orchid mix to it, since it is too fine (will compact too much) for my needs.

It will be cheaper for you to use bulk ingredients if you can. Pine/fir bark, compost, topsoil, are all good additives to raised beds. Bags of alfalfa pellets from the local feed store are cheap, and enrich the soil. Worm castings would be great too if you can get them. Can you get aged horse manure? Most stables will give it away.

Orchid mix is wonderful stuff to help keep soil loose and well drained. But it is outrageously expensive here! Adding bulky, coarse ingredients is critical in maintaining a healthy soil. I use bark by the truckload. It makes digging holes more difficult, so I use a digging fork, which works fine. The soil is crumbly, moist, and rich. I have to add new ingredients every year, as the organics decompose.
Be sure to have a thick layer of mulch on top of the soil, even in a veggie garden. It saves on weeding and watering.


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Thank you for the benefit of your experience. Orchid mix is VERY expensive here too, but the results were tangible when I have used it in the past, but they don't exactly hand out the recipe.

Is pine bark preferable to cedar, or other kinds?

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I now use ONLY Lowe's Garden Club Tree and Shrub planting mix - it works VERY well for all my tropicals!

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gcmastiffs(z10 Florida)

Use bark that is cheaply availably locally. Here Pine is common and Fir is costly. There are other additives such as Aliflor or other ceramic "fillers" that retain moisture but help with aeration. I save the big $$$ stuff for my containers, and use lots of cheap, chunky bark/compost/ manure for the raised beds.


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