How to overwinter Russelia?

donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)October 21, 2013

I purchased a firecracker plant in July. I do not know which variety it is, but it has coral red blooms. It has grown quite large and I would like to overwinter it in my basement. Can I induce dormancy and just leave it in the dark for the winter? I don't want to, but if I must, I can grow it in an east facing window in a spare bedroom as well. What would you recommend? Please give specific instructions. I am particularly wondering how much/little moisture it needs through the winter.

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It sounds like you have a cultivar of Russel
ia equisetiformis. I live in South Florida where it can be grown outdoors all year but it sounds like your best choice would be to cut all of the stems off near ground level and let it resprout in the spring. When it gets too rangy in my garden I mow it to the ground and it always responds with fresh new growth.

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