Mold on cleft graft

mulleniumMay 20, 2011

I did a cleft and veneer on a lowes Manila, after wrapping the cleft graft with rubber bands I bagged it and tied the bag off.. I now see black mold specks forming on the side, where the rubber bands are, and one side of the topped rootstock where it was chopped off is starting to Gorman fuzz

Is this graft lost? Should I remove the bag and let it breathe and try to spray off the mold?.. I've had it indoors.. I wonde if putting it out will help?

Graft was done Friday night, is it too early for the graft to possibly have taken?

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Bah." stupid auto correct. It's starting to show white fuzz on the topped exposed wood

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I freaked out and couldn't wait for an answer, and you all are probably sleeping..

So what I did was take my neem oil and dap a napkin into it just a tiny bit.. Not drenching the napkin but just enough to saturate the corner..

I rubbed that over the mold areas, being careful not to put too much neem on the areas as I dunno what neem can do to the graft.. I just wanted to kill the mold, so sorta rubbing off the mold with a neem oil infused napkin if you will lol

Then rebagged it wi a fresh new ziplock bag tied at the base. I am thinking though maybe some air is good? Maybe I can just use the zip lock part of the bag to zip it up until it reaches the scion.. I wonder if sealing it up completely is what caused the mold? I used razor blade to cut, it was brand new and I made sure to wipe off the oil they use to keep them lubricated

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Mullenium, you might want to consider a copper/water mix spray.


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