Pruning bouganvilla back

lesdvs9October 13, 2006

Do you prune a bouganvilla back in the fall, my temps are still in the mid 80's the plant is still actively growing. Or in the winter or in the early spring before they start growing. I've got one, I thought it was really pretty, then I found out it's not even for my zone. I've got it planted sheltered between my house and the next by the fence. I can't remember what I saw about pruning it though, now or later. Leslie

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I prune mine when they go dormant

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is that down to the ground? It's not even supposed to grow in my zone... Thanks belatedly for your answer. Leslie

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barbcoleus(z10 Cape Coral,Fl)

I think I'd wait until after winter so you can prune off the dead branches.

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Im in zone 8b ( I think ???) and I recently took some cuttings to root but I wait till we are in the dead of winter and it has gone dormant before actually drastically pruning. I have all of my Bouganvilla in pots so it might be different from someone who has them in the ground. Only once several years ago did I have one in the ground and at that time I did prune it at the same time of the year. In the spring it came back so beautifully.

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ok, thanks I appreciate the answers. Leslie

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They should thrive in your zone Leslie (zone 8-10)and Not down to the ground just a 2/3 shaping. Mulch roots if you get freezing temps over a few hrs at nite and make sure the drainage is excellent. They will come back in spring.

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I am in southern Mexico, and bouganvillas LOVE it here. I have a healthy bouganvilla, but the wall it grows up is only 10 feet high. The plant wants to go up much further. Can I cut it back to just a stub and expect it to just start over, or will it kill it? Gracias!

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You can cut it back. I suggest you cut it back more than you need to (not much but a bit) so that way you wont have to prune again for a while. Flowers only appear on new growth so you dont have to worry about losing them if you prune.
Watch out for thorns!

Buena suerte! (I hope that translates to good luck).

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I just finished pruning my Bouganvilla way back. It is the easiest plant to care for. I knew nothing about it when I got it in a pot as a gift. My hubby planted it outside and's growing like crazy. However, the thorns are extremely trecherous. Be very careful. I look like the walking wounded at the moment. I've seen Bouganvilla trimmed to look like a tree.............gorgeous.

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Does anyone feed their bouganvilla? I see there is 'bouganvilla food' (e.g. BOUGAIN) when I search on the internet but can't find it at our local stores so I might order it online. I read you can use tropical plant fertilizer. Ours is planted in the front of the house. I totally pruned it down in Jan and I have not gotten one flower since. We are in full sun in CA so I thought it would show some signs of life by now. Tx!

Here is a link that might be useful: Bougain fertilizer

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I think they bloom best without fertilizer. I dont give mine any fertilizer and it has been blooming well. Just give it lots of dry, warm sun and it will bloom for you with no problems!

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