castor bean disposal

ramartinOctober 9, 2008

We like to grow all kinds of things just for the fun of it. This year we grew Castor beans. The plants are "huge" like at least 15 feet. We planted a row of about 35 plants. They are beautiful but, now it is fall and we need to pull them up. Since they are toxic to animals and children, how do we safely dispose of them . We intend to just take them to the landfill, but is that safe? Thanks for your help.

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Aren't they wonderful plants!

I leave mine in the ground, just cut them back and they reappear.

I think it is only the seeds that are a problem? So I put the rest of the plant out with the yard waste collection and I put the seeds in a glass or plastic container and put that in a garbage bag for the regular pickup.

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