Fort Worth History anyone?

mikeandbarb(z8 D/FW)October 23, 2006

I thought it might be fun to see what all we can come up with in the history of Fort Worth.

This is from my father, My grandfather, dad's dad worked for the street department starting way back in the early 30's. When my grandfather first started working for them they were replacing Bodark wood that lined camp bowie st. and laying down the brick. Dad told me that grandpa would bring the wood they pulled up home with him and they used it in the fire stove, he said it burned a long time this saved them from having to cut wood.

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great idea for a thread, barb!

The Botanic Gardens were once...a swamp!

People discarded old cars & such in there, mosquitoes bred in it, & it was an eyesore.

During the Depression, the swamp was drained, & WPA workers built the beautiful gardens, walks, & buildings that are now the Ft Worth Botanic Gardens!

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pjtexgirl(7b DFW)

That is so neat! I had no idea. I wish they'd do more stuff like that. PJ

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My aunt had an elderly neighbor, Mr Pettigrew, who worked for the WPA during the Depression.

He would point out the rock "guard house" structures on either side of the park entrance south of the main areas on (if I remember right) the west side of Forest Park Blvd.

He helped build those things!

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mikeandbarb(z8 D/FW)

Also my grandfather worked with Clyde Borrow. Cylde had gotten hired on with the street department before he started robbing banks. Grandpa said he was nice, grandpa had worked side by side with Cylde. Cylde told grandpa that the police would not leave him alone and kept harassing him, arresting him for anything they could try to pen on him even though he didn't do the crime.
Not saying that Clyde didn't do crimes cause we all know he did but it just fueled the fire.
Later on after Cylde had quit working for the street department and starting robbing banks he and his gang was in Fort Worth they had stopped at a hamburger place in the stockyards, my grandpa happened to be there eating and two policemen where at the counter eating as well, When the policemen seen Bonnie walk up to the window to order hamburgers, grandpa said the two policemen ducked their heads down fearing they'd be seen and shot by Clyde and his gang. Grandpa could not resist looking out to see Clyde and said he was standing out by the car with his machine gun ready. Luckily nothing happened and Clyde and his gang got their hamburgers and grandpa told the family what had happened that day.

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