Weird looking, unhappy? Miracle Berries

suegrewOctober 2, 2007

Right now my miracle tree is very healthy, nice green leaves and lots of berries. The 5 that have gone from green to red however upon closer observation don't look so good. I wish I could attach a photo, but unable at this time. The berries in question are a deep red however the flesh on the underside is "peeling way" from the seed. I see no infestation and I'm bringing the plant in for the night just to "baby it". Any suggestions?

Also, if I were to pick berries that are 3/4's red (just a little green still on the stem), will they ripen off the plant? I hate to lose them to whatever is going on right now with the plant.

Any help will be gratefully received. Thanks!

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Does it look like something took a bite out of it? Or maybe it is overripe?

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I'm guessing now that the berries in question may have over-ripened. I think I'll carry the berries in question down to Jene's Tropicals where I purchased the plant. They've always been very helpful there. It doesn't look as though anything nibbled on it.

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The berries seem to go from ripe to overripe pretty quick.

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That's gotta be it. When they're red, they're red. Now I know. I was just waiting for "the other guys" to catch up I guess. Thanks for your replies guys!

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