Tips on rooting wax jambu

stu123May 18, 2011

Hi Everyone,

I'm attempting to root some cuttings from my wax jambu tree. Does anyone have tips on doing so? I saw some old postings where some members here have gotten wax jambu to root.

I didn't want to use a rooting hormone as the label says it should only be used for ornamental trees, and not for fruits.

Also don't know where to find willow trees in southern california to brew a natural concoction.

Are there any tips for successful rooting?

- particular time of the year to take a cutting

- length and age of the branch?

- remove or leave some leaves?

- type of soil to use

- how long does it typically take to see if you are successful? will you know by new leaf growth or have to check the roots itself?



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murahilin(10 fl)

Ignore the label and use rooting hormone. You might need a stronger concentration than one you can get in stores like Home Depot. Try and find a wholesale nursery supplier. They usually have the stronger stuff.

That is about all the help I can offer because I've never rooted wax jambu.
Here are my ideas though on what may work. I could be completely wrong.
Use wood that has a little brown.
Dont use a recently budded out piece. Wait for the leaves to properly harden.
Use a sand/perlite or vermiculite/perlite mix.
Water well and then cover with a clear pastic bag.
Leave it alone for a few months.
The most important thing is to never pull it out to check for roots. If the cutting is still alive after a few weeks it's probably starting to root because it would have died otherwise. If you pull it out to check it will damage the roots and most likely kill your cutting.

Experiment with different stuff. You may want to try air layering your wax jambu tree if it is big enough.

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Hi, thanks for the reply, that's very helpful. Isn't the rooting hormone toxic? I read online also that it shouldn't be used for fruit trees that you plan on eating? Anyone else use rooting hormone on fruit trees?

I guess the ultimate question is can you root a wax jambu cutting without using rooting hormone or willow at all, just all natural? that would be ideal. i'll give that a try, but just curious as to other people's experiences.

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I did not use any rooting hormone for mine. It took a long time though. Might be weather not warm enough. For the heck of it, I just buried the whole branch(chopstick size but shorter) and kept it moist. There are little buds on it now.

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ohiojay(z6 OH)

Use it all the time. By the time that tree starts to produce any fruit, anything from that product will be long gone from the plant.

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Looking to purchase some wax jambu cuttings. Let me know if you have some to sell. Looking for any sweet one. People are saying the black pearl is a good one.
Please let me know.

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June Trinh

here's a guy who rooted a cutting in water:

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doing an airlayer might be a better way to go

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Wow, interesting find June Trinh. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to give that cutting and rooting in water a try.

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