NEW Pindaiba and Abiurana trees

jacob13May 12, 2011

Hello Friends,

Just got a hold of 3 Pindaiba (Duguetia lanceolata) trees, and 1 Abiurana (Pouteria bullata) tree. I have been searching for a couple of years for the Pindaiba trees and finally, a friend of mine in Brazil, where they originate, located them for me. He also sent me about 15 seeds so I will be trying my luck with them. According to the Book "Fruits of Brazil", the "Pinda�ba" (Duguetia lanceolata) a member of the Annonaceae family, is already being dropped from Brazilian dictionaries. A "red, exuberant, custard apple...this beautiful delicacy," says Silva, is "practically extinct".

Pindaiba (Duguetia lanceolata)

As for the Abiurana, it is a close relative of the Abiu, but more cold Hardy. It is pretty rare in private collections and outside of its native range.

Abiurana (Pouteria bullata)

Is there anyone else out there that has any experience with either of these trees? I would love to hear about it.

- Jacob

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eyeckr(z8a VA)

Nice acquisitions Jacob! I have seen reference to the amazing looking pindiaba fruit a few times but no one could ever find a source for trees or seed. I don't have any experience with either but wish you luck with germination and the growing of these trees.

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I have a few abiurana seedlings in Fort Myers, Florida. They like organic matter and filtered light when young. I have tasted the fruit and is pretty good. The fruit needs to be very ripe. Otherwise, it is full of latex. Pindaiba is a good looking fruit. I do not have space for a pindaiba tree. They tend to grow very large in Brasil.

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Do you know anything about the taste of the Pindaiba fruit?

- Jacob

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I never tried the fruit. I am going to ask a friend of mine in Brasil. I will let you know his answer.
In Brasil, when you are having a bad time, not much going... people say that the person is in a "pindaiba situation". I guess it is because the flesh of the pindaiba is very scant...not much to eat.

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the problem with many anonas is they often dont bare much fruit or flowers to even hand pollinate, where good cultivars of sugar apple will bare sometimes two good crops.

In my experience many Rollinia and red custard apple trees only give a few fruit a year,
does anyone have any better experiences with rarer anonas? Im looking for someting to add to my atemoya and sugar apple now that my rollinia died, soursop may be a little too cold sensitive too.

does San Pablo red custard apple produce good size crops?

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Pindaiba fruit does not have much flesh to eat. The tree can become a very large tree reaching over 20 meters, in Brasil.

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My sister has a fruit bearing PINDAIBA in West Palm Beach, FL. I ate a few of the fruit with her and saved some of the seeds. I planted a few and have some sprouting now. I am very pleased! The fruit is smooth and delicious....worth the little bit of fruit inside the beautiful bodies. I will make sure she saves all seeds going forward!!

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