Fresh fruit near Miami.

north_tree_manMay 20, 2008

I'm trying to find the best locations in/near Miami that I could get fresh mangosteen and/or rambutan. Unfortunately, I won't be there in time to meet up with everyone (in June) to do the tasting route. We will be stopping at the Fruit and spice park, and possibly Fairchild gardens. Do any Florida residents have a local, favorite/reliable fruit stand they frequent? Any other suggestions would be much appreciated.

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I'll just follow my nose then.

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NTM- please post your finds so that jay and I and others can take advantage of your tireless efforts.

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ohiojay(z6 OH)

Try the Robert Is Here fruit stand. I hear great things about it and they may have off-the-wall fruit.

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North Tree Man, Miami is probably not the best place to satisfy those requests. Fresh mangosteen is unavailable in Miami at the moment, unless you are able to get some fruit from the trees at the Whitman estate or possibly Fairchild Tropical Gardens (I'm not sure those have come into bearing yet - the cherapus have, though, and they're excellent). Rambutans can be found in local supermarkets from time to time, but since they are generally imported from Central America their freshness is debatable. Robert Is Here is a great place for fruit (jackfruit, mamey, lychee, carambola), but you are not likely to get any mangosteens or rambutans there. Sorry!

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Eldys, and Jay- thanks for the info. I'll definitely be stopping by Robert's, and probably the local Publix for some Rambutan...fresh or not won't matter much since I have virtually no chance of finding them around here. Then again, I haven't been to China town, in Philly, lately...maybe I should make a side trip on the way to the airport. Thanks again.

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ohiojay(z6 OH)

Did you pick up any new trees while down there and shipping back? If not...sooo sooo disappointed.

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Jay- I won't be down there until the end of June. I'm definitely going to have a look at the nurseries in the area, but I've maxed out my lychee space. I will get two more mangoes at some point, and I have to say that I'm intrigued about the mangosteen. Rambutan grows too big for the effort though. As an aside, I looked at Montoso gardens site recently, and you now have to buy phytosanitary papers for every plant going out(for most states)...that's an added $15 per plant. Are you going to sneak some more plants in under your wife's nose?

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ohiojay(z6 OH)

I've found long ago that there is no sneaking anything past my wife when it comes to me spending money...and that goes quadruple for plants! I've tried!

I've been clearing some plants out making room for a few new ones. She's not stupid and she know's me way too well. She knows I'm going to get something, just doesn't know what or how many. Gerry(Lycheeluva), will be my wing-man down there and may have to take one for the team and distract her somehow. Leaving her tied up in the hotel would solve nothing...I eventually have to return to the hotel...with the plants. It'll be interesting! I'm hoping to pick up some larger seedling plants to multiple rootstock onto my main plants at home. Also some cuttings to try and graft onto others. As for the rambutan? Don't let size deter you! If we did, we wouldn't be growing any of this!

I just saw the announcement Bryan made on his website. That's harsh adding $15 per plant. I noticed it does not include Ohio. I guess they figured nobody from Ohio was dumb enough to order these kinds of plants. I must have slipped under the radar for a change.

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My sister is in miami and she said she just bought 3 fresh mangosteen from Kastners (a kosher supermarket) on Arther Godfrey Road, for $11. She had not yet tasted them. Gives me great hope that I'll find mangosteen in Miami.

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orchidguyftl(z11 FTL FL)

Pine Island nursery in Homestead is a great place to shop for plants/trees. I've bought plenty ffrom them over the years. Great prices too.

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Jay- I would love to be a fly on the wall when you and your wife "discuss" the greenhouse, and/or tropical plants in general. That probably goes for lycheeluva and his wife too. My woman is a plantphile also, so it's a lot easier to explain away the forest taking up half the kitchen and living room in the winter months. Also, she has seen the results, so that, of course, makes it a lot easier too.

I would love to start up some rambutan, but the size, and the fact that you only have a 33% chance of getting a self-fertile (hermaphrodite) tree from a seedling is space for error. Not to mention that they are "true" tropicals...I'd need a greenhouse for sure. basically, it's a whole new ballgame...lychees are easy in comparison.

Lycheeluve- thanks for the update. Just make sure to leave me some when I get buying the store out!

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not sure why the previous message recommending Fruitfool was taken off, but I get a lot of my fruit and veggies from them (by ordering online) and they are great!!! Their Mangosteen are delicious and they deliver everything right to my door for no extra charge... can't beat it!! And - in the rare situation when I had problems with the fruit - they give me a refund, no discussions.

Here is a link that might be useful: FruitFool

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