phucvu(10 b oc ca)May 24, 2011

long time lurker (2-3 weeks) and cherrie/kristy's stalker.

recently got a longan tree from scala nursery in santa ana, don't know what kind but they told us it is a pepperseed for 85 bucks.

told us to water once every 4 days.

i also purchased some seeds on ebay--sugar apple from puerto rican seller and sapodilla from a thai seller. anybody got experience with buying seeds from those places as in are they reliable and will the seeds clear customs and germinate?

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phucvu(10 b oc ca)

if this turns out to be seedy then i've made a bad choice of picking this murcott tangerine from home depot.

i'm on a budget so got this blueberry from walmart on clearance, plus the blue rope bucket is a deal compare to similar sized pots at 6 bucks.

on a side note this is the first time in more than 10 years that i've taken pictures due to an argument and then a vow of not taking pictures ever again.

Here is a link that might be useful: my flickr

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Hi phucvu...Welcome to the forum! Nice plants you have there.
Lol...funny story about not taking pictures for 10 years due to an argument. Glad you changed your mind...we LOVE pictures here!

I love buying fruit trees on clearance...I love bargains! I got a very nice Mango tree on clearance at Kmart two years ago, but unfortunately the freeze killed it :o(

Murcott tangerines are definitely VERY seedy...but extremely sweet and juicy! My DH won't eat them because of the seeds...so when I get some from the neighbors its all mine,lol...so I'm happy he doesn't like them.

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hmhausman(FL 10B)

Welcome Plucvu:

Honey Murcott was one of the citrus trees that I grew and enjoyed for many years.....until it and other citrus I had went into general decline. I don't remember mine being that seedy. I know some citrus can be seedier based upon what is around to cross pollinate with it. You might want to post the citrus question in the Citrus Forum. While I don't visit that Forum, I would expect that there would be some folks there that might have more insight into your concerns. Re: your longan.....whatever you are doing, keep it up....it looks great.


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newgen(9 Central California)

Nice photos, and welcome! The longan looks healthy. I've been to Scala a few times, they're Ok but prices seem to be high. Mimosa in East LA is much larger and better prices, though not cheap by any means.

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phucvu(10 b oc ca)

yea, scala price is 2/3 of mimosa anaheim. i asked about lychee and longan there and nothing was under 100 so i just got out of there as fast as i could.

mimosa la is probably too far and i don't have a truck so getting a few small trees seems like a waste.

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phucvu(10 b oc ca)

all for the welcoming, i shall update regularly--time permitting, but first i need to find a job to support this new habit.

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ch3rri(z6 PA)

Welcome to the forum. This can be an expensive hobby and require a lot of patience. If you're planting sugar apple seeds then it will require 2-3 years for fruits. Not sure if you should plant sapodilla from seed. It might take a long while. Where are you located?

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rayandgwenn(z11 Puerto Rico)

Hi -
Welcome to the forum. And yes, we LOVE pictures!
Sapodillas come up very quickly from seed and grow well, but do take 5+ years (probably more) to start flowering from seed. But they are a delicious fruit, so if you have patience, it is worth it.

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Hello, where are you located?

All mandarin tangerines are seedy except clementines

Those seeds you probably could have found domestically cheaper, I can mail you sugar apple seeds if those don't work for you

I grow blueberries in containers as well. Be aware they like a lot of acid, our tap water here in Florida is alkaline, I use a little watered down pickle juice about once a week on them. This works also for my miracle fruit

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phucvu(10 b oc ca)

omg it's kristy.

i'm in orange county, ca and thanks for the offering. the fruit will be just be a bonus as i am just trying to green up the yard with something other than grass. they also bring back a lot of memories of growing up in viet nam as a kid being surrounded by fruit trees. some i loved jackfruit, mango, starfuit, and sugar apple etc. some i wondered why they were grown like egg fruit and gold apple (Diospyros decandra).

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ch3rri(z6 PA)

Why are you so surprised it's me? :) I have friends who live in LA...i think in or around orange county. Her dad grows atemoyas, sugar apple, dragon fruit, sapodilla, and some other tropicals in ground. I heard there is a nursery around there too. I'll ask to see if they know the address.

I think you should grow sapodilla...of course if you can find the grafted one. Grow some atemoya and mango too. I was borned in Vietnam too but didn't grow up from there. I did went back a couple times and I love the tropical fruits there. I still have aunts in Vietnam. Wish I can go back and visit Thailand for some fruits.

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Hello Friends,

As for the Mandarins, The Satsuma is completely seedless, super sweet, the peel practically falls off, and is the most cold hardy of all varities withstanding temps down to 15F for a few hours.

- Jacob

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phucvu(10 b oc ca)


i was afraid that stating that i've been stalking you via here and your blog would scare you off. but seriously, all the dishes that you can cook from scratch is just amazing.

anyway, anybody know the name of this fruit? i used to eat them all the time but finding the english name is tough.

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ch3rri(z6 PA)

I'm happy you find my blog interesting...lol

I think this is the barbado cherry in viet (sari). I have a small tree which produced a 2 fruits for me so far. It was a little acidic and juicy. I think it's good eating with salt.


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