growing pine appple indoors

johnnordlund(4)October 20, 2009

we live in minnesota and i planted a pineapple and its rooted so i potted it up and i brought inside and have in a south facing window area,its tropical so i cant leave it out in winter,, does any one think i will have any luck???? and any advice for me;;;; thanks


from minnesota

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I think they are pretty easy palnts indoors or outdoors. Right now I have 3 (all from grocery store pineapples) in a warm room that gets into the low 80s every day and no lower than 70 at night and they are loving it. Last year I had it on a counter top in a room that stayed at room temeperature, and it did great there too. One thing I learned though is they are EXRTREMEMLY senstive to cold weather. I took one outside last year and it saw fourty degrees and almost died (it fully recovered now). They look like they can handle a lot and they can, just not a lot of cold.

Usually in about 3 to 4 years they fruit, but they wont be as big as the fruit you are used to getting at the super market, but a million times more rewarding.

Good luck

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what is the best amt of fertilizer for a pineapple i have mine in a 6 inch pot?????

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At 3 years old, my big pineapples are approaching 4 feet tall, 7 feet wide, and are beginning to look kind of "little shop of horrors" and irritate my wife, who has started asking "I thought you said these things were going to fruit by now?".

I find them to be wonderfully tolerant of forgetful waterers (I have a small one I tossed in the garage - not even in a pot - for four months, and forgot about and when I potted it and watered it it did just fine) and even lack of sunshine (one is in our poorly lit front entranceway for 2 years - it just grows slowly).

They however have absolutely no sense of humor whatsoever when it comes to temperature. I have had ones in the ground survive 39 F, and one forgotten in a pot survived 33 but with major damage to it's leaves, from which it eventually recovered.

The GOOD part with pineapples is that you know almost immediately if they got too cold - within a day the affected foliage turns almost white.

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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

I have two that came back from low 20s/upper teens temps last winter. DH tried to throw them out and I put them into a different flowerbed because I thought they might still make it. THey look fully recovered!

They can take less watering and humidity than other bromeliads. I grew some in Lake Havasu City, AZ in pots and they fruited. That has got to be one of the hottest, driest cities in the US. I did give them a little filtered shade in the afternoon there though.

I think they could stay in a bright spot by a window for the winter. Just don't overwater them if they aren't actively growing during the winter.

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Hey John...pineapples are super easy to grow. Just make sure that it gets PLENTY of sun so that it grows fast and happy. Water once a week if it's hot, if it's cool it doesn't require much watering at all. That's pretty much it. I have mine planted in a pot since March '09 and it has grown tremendously.
Good luck!

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Mine was on a table that gets very very hot. In june of 08 temps approached 100 degrees (probably 115 on that hot table top), and the plant wasnt given any water and there was no damage. Tehy are very heat tolerant and drought tolerant, but probably the least cold tolerant bromelaid I can think of. They would never make it through a freeze (even a light one) in a pot.

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