Scared my Lady Di Heliconia right out of the ground

mr_tlcOctober 11, 2010

I was at a plant show at USF in Tampa over the weekend.... I am just getting started in my gardening and learning more and more every day. I had recently purchased a Lady Di Heliconia from a local store and planted it and was very excited as it already had flowers and looked great... fast forward back to the show. One of the vendors told me that this is one of the most invasive Heliconias you can get, spreading out of control, shooting up new plants 10' from the mother plant. I went home and dug mine up and put it in a pot. Did I overreact, or is this really as bad as he said?

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beachlily z9a

Yes, the vendor is right. Muy heliconias were in an area bordered by the house on one side and a curved sidewalk on the other. When I pulled mine out they had roots 5 layers deep! I didn't know of the problem, so was very lucky they were contained.

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ifraser25(z11 Brazil)

Yes, get a less invasive type. I have one that has not spread more than a couple of feet in 3 years. I think it is a natural species, Heliconia rostrata, but there some smaller than this.

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