Elephant mango

red_sea_meMay 5, 2010

Mimosa nursery had 'Elephant mango' trees (various sizes), anyone ever heard of this variety of mango?


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Eggo(z10soCal LBC)

Sounds like this variey. Xoai Tuong, one of the green eating varieties...

I've also heard of a mango species that goes by the name of Elephant. It's suppose to be a wild species producing huge gigantic fruits. Very sour and large when unripe. But very poor flavor/unedible when ripe.

But in this case, I think the nursery is probably carrying the Xoai Tuong, Vietnamese cultivar.

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the description says the fruit can get 800 grams, which is 1.7 lbs. ive seen Lancetillas that were way over 2 pounds.

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thanks guys for the info, they had a bunch of different sizes but I had never heard of the cultivar so I passed.


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there are so many unique asian varieties of mango that i think would all grow easily here.

Common Name: Golden Queen Mango
Botanical Name: Mangifera Indica
Family: Anacardiaceae
Origin: Taiwan
Plant Size: Large
Varieties: Golden Queen or Jin-huang Mango
Season: April-June

The Jinhuang mango was fostered by Mr. Huang Jin-huang of nearby Liouguei and is known as the âÂÂKing of MangoesâÂÂ. The big fruit is papaya-shaped and weighs about 1.2 kilograms, has a thin pit, fragrant taste, high degree of sweetness and lacks fiber, making it one of the most popular fruits. The season for Jinhuang mango is May to August; during this period the quality of is the best. One should choose the fruit with orange to yellow-green color. Fruit farmers will pick the harvest in advance when they are close to mature, and accelerate the ripening after selling in the market. Taoyuan Township promotes more refined agricultural skills, and every year will hold a competition with an evaluation of Jinhuang mangoes, including color, weight, sweetness, etc. Visitors should choose the Jinhuang mango, and Taoyuan Township is the best choice for quality!

image and description are from the link below

Here is a link that might be useful: http://www.rarefruitnursery.com/products.php

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There is a variety of mango, thats called "Caco de hombre" locally, which means "mans head" in English.

Way way back in the 70s, my Uncle brought a couple to his house, one weighed in at 13Lbs !! the other one was around 7lbs. it was a bit more ripe and we tried it, didn't have much flavor as I recall.

A local mango expert told me they can still be found in only one location, I will try and get a picture of these monsters. maybe a plant also, just to propagate another to keep that variety alive, I feel they are almost extinct.

anyway, this variety was only slightly yellow, and was round, the big one was about the size of a basketball.

I filmed him last year, giving a tour of an experimental Mango farm. I have posted the link.

By the way the whole video is in Spanish.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cultivo de mango

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i have an old trini neighbor who tells me about a huge mango from their island dubbed "bellyful"

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