Strongylodon Macrobotrys

sagedOctober 6, 2005

I am looking for seeds of Strongylodon Macrobotrys and Kigelia pinnata. Can anyone tell me who may sell them?

Many thanks


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Strongylodon Macrobotrys I know of no one that has seeds plants only picky unforgiving plant if not in true tropical climate year around

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gaza(10 la CA)

why do you want seeds of the jade vine?
when young,it is SOOOO SLOW GROWING,and as already said very finicky.
i would start with as big a plant as you can get
it is touch and go,as if the plant will take,or get over the transplant shock,as i have had many that have not
but if you see new growth,soon after getting it,all should be fine
it seems to be pretty cool tolerant[40],but found out the hard way,it has to be dry if temps drop
i had a huge vine,which flowered here in CA,apparently the first to do so,so it was quite an event!!,but last winter was the wettest on record,and i unfortunatly,was away,and could not cover the roots,and it died!
but even a lite air frost never bothered it,it kept growing all winter long
if you need sources,let me know at my e mail address

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barna_(6 Hun)

I am looking for too the seed of jade vine. Please let me know if somebody could obtain some seeds, or sources. The plant is not available in my country, and the import of a potted plant would be too difficult. (and I need some sowing istructions as well)

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This place in Germany has it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Strongylodon Macrobotrys

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bihai(zone 9)

I have three plants. One, I got from a trader in South FL several years ago. He rooted it from a cutting. He has rooted many cuttings (even though people claim it cannot be done, or done very easily) and I have since seen him advertizing rooted plants for trade on the Tropical Plant exchange forum here on and off. Of course, whether you have anything that he would like to trade for is another matter. Perhaps he might be amenable to selling one or two for a reasonable fee.

My other plants I obtained as potted plants, one from a trader as well and one in South FL from a plant sale.

I don't find this plant to be overly finicky. I do grow it in my greenhouse, where it has been established for going on 4 years. The trunks of all three plants, which are planted in different locations in the greenhouse, are getting thicker every year and one plant bloomed last year. I expect that all may bloom this year. It did not set any seed when it bloomed. The greenhouse is very tropical, steamy and hot in the growing season between late March and November, and in winter I heat it to maintain at at least 70 in the day (not hard, only solar heat needed for that) and about 53-54 at night. I used to keep it no lower than 60 at night, but have been experimenting with lowering the heat a few degrees each year to #1 save on propane and #2 acclimate the plants to cooler conditions slowly.

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Bill(z10 swFL)

My strongylodon is seed grown. It is very slow at first, as mentioned, and seeds are hard to come by, and only viable for a week or two at most. I agree, that if you are willing to put in the effort to grow this plant, best to start with as large a plant as you can afford. Mine has survived down to 28 degrees covered, and 31 uncovered, except for the roots (it is too big to cover now so we just try to protect the roots). Our winters are our dry season, however, I would still think are moister than most areas. Good luck


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barna_(6 Hun)

Thak you for the help!
I've found source finally where I can order seeds. Although it's not too cheap. Anyway, I will try it.

If anybody has some experience how to germinate this seed, that would be helpful for me. (For example: do it need hot water, scarify, bottom heat, etc.?)

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I am looking for the seed of jade vine. Please let me know if somebody could obtain some seeds The plant is not available in my country, and the import of a potted plant would be too difficult. (and I need some sowing istructions as well) I hope samebody cud help me.

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What? Can't be rooted? That is wrong. I can root em really easily and I can provide references for what a poor rooter I am so it is ot that hard. I dunno why this plant is said to be so hard cause it's not too bad really (as long as it doesn't frost!)


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taylor_tx(zone 8 TX)

I agree. Seeds are very hard to come by. You have to know someone who has the vine, that has not only flowered, but set seeds, first, and then you have to trade them your left leg for it, lol...

The vine is rare on its own, and even fewer people have one that flowers, and sets seeds.

I traded for two precious seeds years ago. It was a very fortunate, once in a lifetime lucky day for me. The seeds look like huge beans the size of my fists. Like any bean, they can rot easily, if too wet, so if you ever get your hands on a seed, just be careful to not over water it.

Blooms are in late winter, and seeds set in mid-summer.

Mine came from Florida, also. Mine are around 5 years old, but I've never seen one flower. We have extreme heat here in Texas, and it gets burnt back a bit every summer. The roots are in the shade. and it seems to always try to grow to shadier spots. Mine seems happiest in the winter with the decreased full sun of winter, and mild 70's. It has gotten to almost freezing temps in the greenhouse before(failure of heater), and did just fine. I keep mine on the dry side in winter.

New growth is a gorgeous chartreuse with bronze.

Mine is planted in the ground, within a greenhouse setting. I have successflly rooted it, but they root best with heat.

If you do a google search there is a tropical site that frequently has this for sale in the US for a great price...much cheaper than trading your left leg, lol...I'd recommend buying from them. I certainly would have bought from them, if I didn't already have it.

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bihai(zone 9)

MIne is just finishing up blooming for the third year, so I am waiting to see if I get any seeds this time. I don't think I will, my flowers don't have anything to pollinate them. They are pollinated by bats in the wild and there are no bats (that I am aware of, anyway, LOL) in my greenhouse. I have pruned it back for the spring (have to do that every year) already.

I am trying to root 2 large cuttings at the moment, one is spoken for but if it roots the other will be available to trade.

If by some very weird happenstance I get any seeds, I will post for trades (and I promise not to be overly picky, I have no use for the seeds)

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Central_Cali369(Sunset Z9, Fresno, CA) has them in 1 gallon sizes and 1 quart sizes

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does any one know where to get seeds for the strongylodon macrobotrys? plaese.

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These two members on have them for trade:



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