Pictures of my NEW & Old Fruit trees

jacob13May 3, 2010

Arizona Purple/Physical Graphitti Dragon Fruit & Trellis

Vietnamese Red/Unknown Purple Variety Dragon Fruit Trellis

Dragonfruit Seedlings

"Paulista" Jaboticaba Airlayer Tree from Plantogram

Jaboticaba Seedling

"Sweetheart" Lychee from Plantogram - Over 6' Feet tall

My Smaller "Sweetheart" Lychee tree

Inside My Small Greenhouse

"Black Pearl" Wax Jambu

Wax Jambu Flowering

"Mauritius" Lychee Tree = Approx. 4' Feet tall

"Tabouey x J-30" Hybrid Jakfruit Seedlings - THANKS HARRY!

I have a couple Dozen Seedlings if anyone is interested in a Trade?

My Poor Struggling RAMBUTAN

"Giant Florida Purple" Surinam Cherry

Strawberry Tree (Muntingia Calabura) w/ Flowers - Look Close

"Mexicola Grande" Avocado tree

"Bacon" Avocado tree

"Lapins" Cherry tree = About 7' Feet

Mangosteen Tree = 4.5' Feet Tall

"Prolific" Sapodilla Grafted tree

Rollinia/Biriba Tree

This too is a Rollinia I was told - Any Other Guesses/Ideas?

Spanish Lime/Mamoncillo

Barbados Cherry

"Satsuma" Tangerine

Abui tree - Used to be 4' Feet before Winter Damage. Starting to Fill out again.

"Kampong Mauve" Sugar Apple - Just Barely Starting to Come out of Dormancy

Ice Cream Bean/Pacay (Inga Feuillei) - This Fruit tree Grows so fast

Rose Apple - I have about a Dozen Seedlings if Anyone is interested in a Trade?

"Brewster" Lychee tree

"Brewster" Lychee tree Fruiting - Unfortunately, None Made it.

Strawberry Guava tree - Used to be 9' Feet tall and 7' Feet Across before Agressive Pruning - In Ground

Pineapple Guava trees (2) - In Ground

Triangle Palm Tree - I know it is not a Fruit Tree, But I Grew this Tree from a Seed and am I am Proud of It - Look at it Now.

My "Brewster" and "Mauritius" Lychee trees in my Greenhouse. As you can see, My "Brewster" had some sort of problem and dropped all of it canopy leaves, but after a Re-potting and some TLC and Plush Living inside the Greenhouse, it has bounced back.

I also have a bunch of other Lychee seedlings, Blueberries, Blackberries, Marang Seedlings, and a Starfruit Seedling that I didn't take pictures of.

Thanks Again to Harry for his Generosity and Knowledge. We are all very lucky to have such a Resource!


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ohiojay(z6 OH)

Jacob...very nice selection of trees. Thanks for sharing your pics. Where are you located? Don't bum out over the rambutan. Those things are difficult under the best conditions. Your mangosteen looks wonderful...not a blemish on a single leaf. You obviously are NOT battling any insects! What kind of potting mix are you using for the rambutan and mangosteen? I was told that low humidity in the winter can cause tip burn in rambutan...not enough water getting to the tips of the leaves. Also, make sure you don't have any salt buildup. Hopefully it will make a come back.

Ditto on your comments concerning Harry. It's good to have him for sure.

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beautiful Mangosteen tree, keep us updated on its progress.

is "paulista" a cultivar of Jaboticaba? have you tasted its fruit compared to regular Jaboticaba and do you know if there are other varieties?

where did you get it? very interested, thanks for the pics

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Produces large bright green flavorful fruit. Medium size and heavy producer.

Large to very large fruit, skin thick and leathery. Flesh juicy, subacid to sweet. Quality very good, ripens relatively late. Resistant to rust. Tree strong growing, highly productive though it bears a single crop. Introduced into California in 1904.

Fruit very large, skin green-bronze, thinner than that of Paulista. Flavor sweet and very good. Tree much like that of Paulista. Midseason.

Most prized and most often planted tree in Brazil. Fruit is small, thin-skinned and sweet. Tree medium-sized, precocious and very productive. Produces 4 crops per year. Susceptible to flower and fruit rust.

Produces a large, leathery skinned fruit with a pointed apex. Must be fully ripe for eating raw. Mostly used in jellies or preserves. Tree is very large and a heavy producer.

i want them all. :)

Here is a link that might be useful:

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yaslan(8 WA state)

You have some really great looking tropical fruit trees! I love your greenhouse. It would be in my lychee and mango trees best interest to get one before winter!

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wow Jacob,
some beautiful trees and an interesting variety of them too. How tall are your DF trellis? Where did you get your 'black pearl' jambu from?

good luck, keep us updated,

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Hello Everyone,

Thanks for all of your Great Comments!

OHIOJAY - I am located in Santa Barbara, California. As for the potting Mix I use, it is a combitions of Composting I had produced for over a year from my own yard trimmings, grass cuttings, and kitchen green scraps. Then, I added a potting mixture from E.B. Stone. Lastly, a Sand and Redwood Shaving Mixture that I have always used for my Palm trees that gives the soil a Great Component for Excellent Drainage and a loose/aerated Soil Consistency.

MANGO CUSH - I will definitely keep you updated on the Mangosteen Tree. As for the Large Jaboticaba, I got it from Plant-o-gram. I also made a mistake, the smaller seedling tree is the "Paulista" Cultivar. However, Mickey the Owner, did tell me that this Air-layer came from a Mother tree that could easily be a "Paulista". He said the Fruit was Excellent; easily the best he has ever tasted. Give him a call, he is in Florida (407) 928-1130, or visit his Website. I have put the link below.

YASLAN - Thanks for the Compliments. As for the Greenhouse, choose the one you want and like....Then go BIGGER!! You won't be sorry.


Brewster, Mauritius, & Small Sweetheart Lychees - Nipahut Gardens (Florida)
Large Jaboticaba & Huge Sweetheart Lychee - Plant-o-gram (Florida)
Giant Florida Purple Surinam and Jaboticaba Seedlng - Exotica Nursery (San Diego, CA)
Strawberry Tree & Barbados Cherry (Both free from Referrals)- Plant-o-gram (Florida)
"Black Pearl" Wax Jambu - Mismosa Nursery (Los Angeles, CA)
Abiu & Rambutan - Gaia Yoga Nursery (Hawaii)
"Prolific" Sapodilla - Tropical Fruit Nursery (Puerto Rico)
Lapins Cherry - One Green World ($12 for 6' foot tree!!)
Rollinia/Biriba - Tropical Heliconias (Puerto Rico)
"Kampong Mauve" Sugar Apple - Garden of Delights (Florida)
Dragon Fruit - Harry, Stokes Tropical, Beard Tropics, and Friends.

Thanks again Everyone for the Nice Comments. I will do my best to keep you all updated on the Progress, cuz as all my Tropical Fruit tree Brethren is always a "A WORK IN PROGRESS".


Here is a link that might be useful: Plant-o-gram Nursery

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Hey Ethan,

Thanks for the Compliments. The DF Trellis's are 8' feet tall. As for the "Black Pearl" Wax Jambu, I got it from Mimosa Nursery in Los Angeles. Look them up, they have a website and are a great nursery. "Black Pearl" is supposedly one of the BEST Varieties, and very hard to locate. Mine is flowering so hopefully I will be able to taste them in the not so distant future. FYI - They had even larger trees then the one I have and that I posted a picture of. I think I paid $35 for mine, and like I said, they had larger ones, about double in size. Happy Hunting!!


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amazing selection and awesome mangosteen plant. thanks alot for posting. keep us updated.
where are you located

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ch3rri(z6 PA)

You have a nice variety there. Where did you get the abiu? PI have it for $95.

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hmhausman(FL 10B)

Nice to see your collection, Jacob. Thanks for posting the pictures. You said your Dragonfruit stands were 8 foot tall. How are they secured, if at all, to the ground. Your idea is very interesting. However, for growing here, there would be the issue of hurricanes to deal with. These dragonfruit get very, very heavy. And may tend to be out of balance with the top weighing more than the rest of the plant. This issue may not come up for a few years for you. I am trying to figure out how best to grow my dragonfruit and I am intrigued by your method. I have been using existing trees, both dead and alive for my trellises. The live ones do ok, but the dead ones eventually rot and break down uner the weight of the plant. What type of wood are you using? Is it pressure treated? It doesn't look like it. Anyway, keep up the good work and keep us posted on your progress.


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chrisvelas77(Socal 10b)

How much did the shipping cost for Gaia yoga nursery cost?The miracle fruit caught my eye. thank you

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Hey Harry,

Thanks again for everyting! As for the DF Trellis, no it is not Anchored to the Ground. I did this purposely in case I had to or needed to move it. If you look closely, there are braces that extend from the DF Trellis to the Fence directly behind them. As for the Trellis itself, no I did no use pressure treated for 2 reasons. First, pressure treated is expensive and really only needed if the wood is going to be put in dirt or concrete and this Trellis is not in the ground, so it should be just fine. Second, presure treated is chemically treated and I am not quite sure how that would work with the Aerial Roots.

However, I did use Pressure Treated 4" x 4" inch wood for the base because it is in contact with the ground and gives it extra support. I will take some pictures of the base and post them so you can see the set up.

Talk to you soon!


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i vaguely remember somebody requesting jackfruit seeds in one of these posts.

Inga Feuillei is an extremely fast growing shade tree, dont expect much from the fruit but i am told they are excellent nitrogen fixers.

how are your marang seedlings doing? how many do you have?

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Nice Pictures Jacob.

I see that you ordered trees from Plantogram. How was you experience with them?

I have never ordered from them but I did from another Florida site and they do not ship trees in containers. I had a hard time getting them to acclimate to Southern California weather since I do not have a greenhouse.

Do plantogram charge you for a certificate to ship to California?


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ashleysf(9 San Jose,CA)

Great pictures. And I especially like the dragon fruit trellis. I am starting out with DF and like you had concerns about using treated wood for the trellis - but since mine are really small now, not an immediate concern. But, would like to learn from you about how you built the base for the support system. Will come in handy in a couple of years. Your greenhouse is very cool too. Cannot believe how many great plants you have.

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Hello All,

Ch3rri - I got the Abiu from Gaia Yoga, nursery in Hawaii, for very cheap, I think like $20.00 I got 3 trees, combined with shipping came to $100, so it was very reasonable.

racor 2006 - My experience with Plantogram has been Awesome. Very easy to work with. Plants shipped and arrived in 2 days, in containers so no shipping shock. There was no additional charge for a Certificate Either. Check them out and call the owner Mickey, he is great and easy to work with. Great Quality Stuff!!

Harry and ashleysf - I will post pictures of the DF trellis and its base tonight so that you have a better idead of how I built them.

Thanks everyone for your compliments!


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Hello All,

Harry and Ch3rri, here are the pictures of my Dragon Fruit Trellis and what I did at the base, as well as how I secured them to keep them from falling over - Even though we don't get the kind of winds that would warrant anchoring them to the ground. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Again, the Trellis and the pots are Not anchored to the ground. I did this in case I had to move them for one reason or another. They are however, braced to the fence which provides plenty of support.

Also, I just recetly pinched the tips of the Dragon fruit plants. Once they start to branch out horizontally, I will be able to add additional horizontal 1" x 2" inch pieces of wood for support where needed - Like I did in the last picture (it has the green tape tied to it and is below the piece of wood that the brace is secured to).

So far the design of the Trellis has worked out great. I built each one for around $10 - $12 so you can't beat the price either.



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Hello All,

My "Kampong Mauve" Sugar Apple is Flowering, as well as my "Black Pearl" Wax Jambu. Pictures are soon to Follow.


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Jacob, I am jealous! you have so many fruit trees! i wish i have room in my front/backyard to plant all that! ur trees are looking great! keep us updated.
do u have any papaya trees? +0

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Talk about garden of EDEN :-)

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dghays(Z10A FL Brevard)

Nice pics there.

Harry, I bought a 4" X 8' metal fence post, drilled holes to put metal dowels in an 'X' shape, with fence piece stuck on top for my pitaya.


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hmhausman(FL 10B)

Thanks Gary:

A friend of mine grows dragonfruit in a pot along side and supported by regular the chain link fence that encloses his yard. He weaves the growths through the fence and the plant eventually covers the entire top rail of the fence. He gets plenty of production this way and the plant stays at a manageable height. I am going to try that...along with putting cuttings everywhere else I can think of that might support the growth of the plant. So far, I have used dead trees, live trees (that I am not too fond of), queen palm trees, chain link fence and my kids playground set.


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where did you get that pacay? been looking for one forever

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Mullenium: I got that Pacay at the Green Scene in Fullerton at the Fullerton Arboretum. It is an annual plant sale and festival. I got it from the CRFG booth. They had a lot of stuff at a Great Price.

Man that sucker grows like a weed. It is so much bigger now than in that Picture.


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Hello All,

Well it's been about a month and I have only made a few additions to my Collection. Below you will see the Pictures of them:

My new "Moro" Blood Orange Tree

"Violette De Bordeaux" Fig Tree

"Giant Fuyu" Persimmon Tree - This tree is about 7' Feet from the Soil level. It is loaded with juvenils fruit. I would say anywhere from 50 - 75 fruits.

Sapodilla Seedlings

"Kampong Mauve" Sugar Apple Flowers

"Black Pearl" Wax Jambu Flowering

Some Recent Pictures of the "Tabouey x J-30" Hybrid Cross Jakfruit Trees that are available for Trade:

I will also be getting a couple of Green Sapote Trees tomorrow. I will be posting pictures of them shortly.

I am also in the market for an Atemoya Tree. Of these 2 Variety, which one would you guys recommend, Lisa or Geffner, and Why?

I would really appreciate your help and input on this one since I have no Idea which of the 2 Atemoyas is better. I am completely in the dark and have absolutely no experience when it comes to Atemoyas. PLEASE HELP!



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Hello All,

So here are the pictures of the GREEN SAPOTE I just got.

The Green Sapote Tree is about 2' to 3' Feet Tall And Super Healthy!


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Where did you find your wax jambu? I am looking for a black pearl.

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I got the "Black Pearl" Wax Jambu at Mimosa Nursery in Los Angeles. They had 3, 5, and 7 gallon plants. They also have several other varities. They have a Great Selection of Tropical Fruit Trees in General. Happy Hunting!


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I will be posting my Purple Caimito, Malay Apple, and Rollinia Tree later this evening.


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Hello All,

Grafted Purple Caimito - 7' Feet in Pot

Grafted Malay Apple - 3.5' Foot in Pot

Grafted Rollinia Deliciosa Tree - 6' Feet Tall in Pot



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hey jacob im also in socal, i was wondering where did u buy the mangosteen tree at? Also do you have any updates on the mangosteen? Thanks!

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I just recently picked up a "Sao Paulo" Red Custard Apple. It is a Very Nice Grafted tree that is about 5' feet tall. I also got a Grumichama tree that is about 6' feet tall.

I will post pictures of the trees in the next couple of days, but would like to hear from those who have tried either or both of these Fruits, and get their opinions on their respective taste, texture, etc......

Thanks and again I will post pictures in the next day or so.


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i love custard apple, i havent tried alot of anonas so its hard for me to make comparisons.

it has an excellent flavor with a littly grainy texture which i liked.

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yaslan(8 WA state)

Hi Jacob,

I know this is an old thread but I was wondering how's your Mangosteen? I'd love to see pics.


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Wow Jacob, I dub you the Harry of SoCal! I can't believe how many tropical/subtropical fruit trees you have. I especially love your Mangosteen tree. Can you give me some pointers on what you feed it, how often and what kind of water you water with. Do you do any foliar feedings?

I just recently got into citrus also and was looking for a blood orange myself and after doing lots of research, I settled on a Smith Red Valencia. I just purchased a citrus juicer and juiced bags of Moro and Taroccos blood oranges and depending on where I purchased the fruit from, it was very sweet and delicious or very tart.

I really wish I had a backyard as large as yours. I can imagine how wonderful it would be once most your trees are in full production. You guys with large yards make me so envious. Thanks for sharing all your pictures and information.


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Did you get any fruit on the Wax Jambu? I've never had a waxjambu that tasted good, but they're so pretty to look at I want to like them.


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Hey Jacob, any update on your Mangosteen tree? I left my Mangosteen outside and one of my thermometers said it got to 42F, the other thermometer said it was 40F and the news stations said it was 45F. Its still alive but I hear it can take a few days to see the damage. I really want to get a greenhouse for my mangosteen if it survives last nights cold temps.

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Hey Simon,

The Mangosteen Tree that I had is unfortunately no longer. When out of the Greenhouse, I used to keep it under a large Avocado tree for protection and fitered sunlight. Unfortunately, it was was badly damaged by a falling Avocado tree branch that fell and basically broke the tree off at the soil line. Nothing ever suckered or grew back. I was desistated to say the least and haven't got a hold of another yet. I may or may not. The one I had was absolutely georgous and really big, like 4.5' feet, and I don't know if I have it in me to try another and wait that long for that size. Plus it was a lot of work moving it, protecting it, feeding it, humdifying it, keeping it at the optimum temperature, and so on.

- Jacob

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