Ant plant leaves

tropichrisOctober 1, 2008

I have a myrmecodia tuberosa ant plant mounted on driftwood in a terrarium with the leaves falling off Pllease help!!

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Oh, the terrarium is bright and humid(humidity always 60-80%) and it is mounted on the driftwood with rubberbands and spagnum moss. Also, I have a green anole(a small lizard) living with it. on the same piece of drift wood is a large bromeliad also mounted with rubberbands but the bromeliad has no problems and is perfectly healthy.

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nanw_4wi(4/SW WI)

Is it getting enough light?

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Yes it is very bright as the top of the plant is about 1.5 feet from a 100 watt heat lamp, so the cage is also 70-80 degrees farenheit. Since my first posting I have added a green tree frog, a gray tree frog, a small bullfrog, and some tadpoles(who live in the water area which helps the humidity). The ant plant seems to be doing a little bit better, but it lost one or two leaves today. I guess it just needed some "fertilizer",lol. Oh, and the dead leaves from the ant plant are rotting after they fall, so they are fertilizer,too :)

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I found out what was wrong...ROT. Is there any way to help???

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Maybe you could get a suggestion on the "pests and disease" forum. Good luck.

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